Online RSVP management and event registration made easy

Successful event planning requires a comprehensive event registration and RSVP management solution

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Our online event registration software makes it easy for invited guests to respond to email invitations. This streamlines the entire RSVP management process for you.

We can manage anything from large corporate functions to smaller events, taking the demands of manual event registration off your shoulders.


Our professional online invitations will differentiate your company event and make the best first impression with potential guests. Our sophisticated and personalised email invitation delivery system ensures a high delivery rate. Bounces and email invitation delivery notifications are easily tracked allowing a well managed call down strategy.


Our online RSVP management software handles all the complexities of the RSVP process -from the online invitations to the on-site event registration of guests as they arrive. Our RSVP management system provides live reports on the number of guests attending your event and their preferences.

“Finally! An RSVP management company that understands events and event requirements.”
- Creative Directions

“The RSVP Agency’s RSVP Management Solution is just brilliant! They thought of everything.”
- Transnet

“The RSVP Agency made our lives so much easier. We use them for all our events now.”
- Nedbank

“I was very impressed with the innovative solutions and services. It is an all-in-one solution for effective event planning and RSVP management." - SAMRO

“I had the privilege of attending the Nedbank Marketing Conference and I was so impressed with the registration process. I was greeted at the entrance by a delightful hostess who instantly found my registration details on her iPad and checked me in. I had my name badge and cappuccino in seconds – Wow!." - NATIVE VML

"Managing invitations of hundreds of people is a mammoth task, but having had RSVP Agency on-board certainly eased the burden of that process. They were professional, attentive and quickly responsive to all our queries and concerns. It was indeed a pleasure working with them." Auditor General, South Africa

"Thank you for being such an awesome business partner" – SASOL

"Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am so grateful for all the work that you put in.The RSVP Agency are a true professionals and we were very blessed to have you on board." – SAMRO

"Thank you for your detailed and quick response help on the RSVP side, no event can be a success without a bullet proof RSVP system." – Superior Choices

"I just want to commend RSVP for the wonderful work you are doing on the SAMRO account. Your team think on their toes and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the client is happy. The bubbly personality is the cherry on top!”– SAMRO – Wawela Music Awards

"Your RSVP Team did an amazing job this year. What little gems you have.”– Launchit – Anglo American Media Networking Event

"It is almost sad to know that it is over. I enjoyed every moment of working with the RSVP Agency. Even the person who answers the phone, was friendly, helpful and efficient. It is hardly ever that one comes across a company with so much integrity, positive work ethic and commitment.”– Strata Health

"Your RSVP team was excellent. They were professional, friendly, helpful and extremely neat and presentable.”– MediHelp

“The event was very successful & exceeded expectations, due to RSVP's amazing work, dedication & simply being the best. I was honored to work with The RSVP Agency - Pfizer Vaccines Dubai

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