The right event management software can elevate your events, simplify the entire event process and streamline operations. In short, it’s an investment that pays off tenfold. The wrong corporate event management software, however, can eat into your precious time, unnecessarily complicate tasks, and end up as a massive waste of money.

So how to do you avoid ending up with a white elephant? By making sure that your choice boasts the following six features and functionalities:


1. End-to-end event management 

Many so-called event management platforms purport to be an all-encompassing solution, but when you click past the shiny veneer, they’re only good for tackling a handful of event management tasks. It’s only worth investing in a solution that enables you to manage the entire event planning process: from sending out the very first ‘Save the Date’ to compiling a post-event report.


2. Superior data capturing capabilities

The right data plays a pivotal role in planning and orchestrating events that resonate with guests and successfully garner ROI. But without a way to collect, collate and analyse this information, data collection can be a full-time job. Look for a solution that enables you to draw information from every single event touchpoint: from customisable form fields in invitations to guest polls and surveys via an event app.

3. Cloud-based

Event planning is a 24/7/365 gig, which means that you need software that doesn’t tie you to a desk. Choosing an option that’s not only cloud-based but updated in real-time too, means that you can manage a complex RSVP process, vendors and team members on the go.


4. Easy to use

Powerful software doesn’t have to be complicated to use. Time is of the essence – event planning doesn’t leave time for learning how to navigate a complex program. Event management software should be simple to use, without compromising on its capabilities.


5. Secure

As data becomes the currency of the 21st century, the stakes associated with being privy to sensitive personal information are higher than ever before. Your choice of corporate event management software should offer secure ways of storing and protecting this precious information. Importantly, it should achieve this in a way that’s POPI compliant.


6. Used by industry leaders

A good litmus test for any potential purchase is by looking at the companies who currently use the product in question. A reputable provider will be happy to share these details if they’re not already readily available on their website. If you’re still not 100% convinced, they should be more than happy to offer you a free demo and talk you through their software.

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No matter how good of an event planner you are, there’s one saboteur you’ll always be up against: time. Racing against the clock as you attempt to cross everything off a lengthy to-do list can send even the most seasoned event planner spinning in circles.

This constant battle against the clock inspired the way we created our corporate event management software solution.

Our all-encompassing corporate event management software is built to help you tackle all aspects of your event – with time to spare.

Spend less time chasing down wayward invitees

We know a thing or two about email invitation delivery, thanks to the fact that we’ve sent hundreds of thousands of invitations on behalf of clients all over the world. Our extensive experience has enabled us to perfect the practice and achieve an open rate of 42.7% (compared to the global average open rate of just 19.7%.) Our ERM™ solution makes use of a cloud-based, secure server which whitelists address books before you hit “send”. The result: you spend less time chasing after RSVPs.

Spend less time finding the right attendees to invite

Built to collect data from multiple sources throughout the RSVP and event management process, our ERM™ solution gathers and collates information about your guests – presenting you with rich profiles of each of your attendees. The result: you know who to woo, and who to leave off the guest list.

Save time gauging attendee sentiment

Your guests have the final say as to whether your event hit the right note, which is why we’ve created an easy way for you to gather attendee feedback. Post event surveys – served via mobile or email – enable you to poll guests on their experience, moments after the fact. The result: You have timely feedback as to how your event was perceived.

Save time analysing event ROI

Measuring the success of a corporate event can be tricky, and with a substantial budget on the line, you need to know just how effective your events are at achieving your brand objectives. Our ERM™ platform features sophisticated reporting tools to simplify an often onerous task and give you a clear idea of budget allocation, overheads, and ultimately, ROI.

Say goodbye to relying on multiple applications

Having twenty different tabs open at any given time is a drag, often resulting in confusion and a strong urge to curse the gods of technology. What’s worse, multi-tasking across several programs means that gremlins have multiple windows to creep into the mix. Our ERM™ solution collates all event data in one central repository, eradicating the need to manage multiple applications. Updated in real time and built to allow multiple users you don’t have to worry about duplicate data ever again. The result: you save time that would otherwise be spent trying to recover lost documents or sorting through multiple conflicting spreadsheets.  

Our event management software is so much more than a RSVP system: it’s an all-encompassing Event Relationship Management solution.

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The beauty of data is that it’s everywhere – you just need to know where to look. And the key to creating data-driven events lies in continuously mining all event assets for these vital nuggets of information. If you’re not sure where to begin unearthing this precious data, read on. We’ll show you where – and how – to get the information you need to create engaging and relevant events.


1. Your past events

This may sound contrarian, but one of the best ways to set your future events up for success is by examining past events and their related touch points. After all, it’s only once you know where you’ve been that you can see where you’re going. Use this information a benchmark to measure the success of all subsequent events, by finding the answers to questions like: Who was invited? Who never showed up? What were attendance levels like? What sentiment was relayed via post-event surveys? and so on.

2. Your sales data

Depending on the nature of your events, examining your sales data prior to and after an event can give you insight into the scale of impact of your events. An event is ultimately a marketing exercise, and if you want to gauge whether or not this resulted in increased ROI, you should be keeping a close eye on your sales data. As well as looking at your sales figures, dig through data to uncover the following: Was there increased foot traffic to your stores? Did web traffic pick up? Did your call centre receive more enquiries?

3. Your social media channels

Thanks to social media and the associated analytics, brands can easily gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts – events included. We’ve written about harnessing the power of social media to amplify the reach of your event before, but even if you don’t have a dedicated event hashtag or event-driven social campaign, monitoring social media mentions, likes and follows pre and post your event is an informative exercise that can shed light on how your event was received, overall brand sentiment, and the people your event resonated with.

4. Your email invitations

Contrary to popular belief, your invitations don’t serve one purpose only. In fact, they’re one of the most potent data-collecting tools in your event management arsenal – but only if you’ve built them in a way that makes it as easy as possible for guests to share information with you. This is your opportunity to collect all sorts of information about your guests – from personal particulars and dietary requirements (important) to opinions and sentiment about your brand (just as important).

5. On-site surveys

Surveying guests while they’re immersed in your event is an effective way to gauge crowd sentiment and gather insights into individual attendees. The questions you ask are up to you and should be influenced by your event objectives. How did they find the check-in process? Is the venue easy to navigate? Did they experience the keynote? etc.

6. Your post event surveys

Spending a substantial budget on an event, only to wonder whether it genuinely resonated with your guests is a massive waste of time, energy and money. Sending out a post-event report puts an end to this guesswork and gives you access to timely guest feedback. Just like your invitations, the data you gather is up to you: identify the burning questions you need answers to, and then pose them in a succinct way that makes answering super easy for attendees.

If combing through multiple sources of event data sounds like hard work, it isn’t. Or rather, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve built our ERM™ solution to collate the above and act as a central repository for all event data. Easy and intuitive to use, updated in real-time and secured by the cloud, our ERM™ solution makes harvesting crucial guest data simpler than ever before.

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Just like the most prudent investments – that beach house that’s now worth ten times the amount you bought it for, the money you spent on an MBA, or those units trusts you bought back in the day, the proverbial dividends paid out by ERM software are prolific.

If you’re wondering what these benefits actually look like, you’re in luck. We’ve listed the multiple ways in which this investment pays off, big time.



1.You can build rich, agile profiles of your guests

The ticket to events that result in ROI? Data. Thanks to its data capturing capabilities, ERM software enables you to easily gather a wide range of information about your guests. And it’s this very data that enables you to create events that are relevant and that resonate with your guests. Our ERM platform features multiple ways to do this: from invitations with customisable form fields, right through to post-event surveys to gauge guest sentiment post your events.

2.Your event team is freed up to tackle the myriad small details of your event

Thanks to the fact that ERM software automates the entire RSVP process (amazing, right?), your event team now has precious time to dedicate to the million and one other things on their to-do list. You no longer need to have several employees whose sole responsibility is to orchestrate the time-consuming and hair-pulling experience of gathering RSVPs. And less money spent on extraneous staff means more budget for the rest of your event.

3.You mitigate against human error

Every event sees some sort of error occur – and the majority of these “Oh no’s!” are down to overworked staff and manual miss-steps. However, when you use ERM software to collect, collate and store all event information, you greatly reduce the chance of an oversight that costs you time and money.

4.You save money that would otherwise have been spent on multiple event management solutions

One program for your guest lists, one for tracking email invites, another one to manage vendor information, and yet another one to manage your event app can see you racking up expenses – before you’ve even secured a venue. ERM software replaces the need for multiple programs and software, enabling you to manage every single aspect of your event, in real-time, both offsite and on.

5.Sensitive data is secured

Event managers are privy to confidential information daily. From the personal particulars of every single guest to the top-secret riders of performers and banking details of vendors, ERM software stores all data in the cloud – protecting it from theft and loss due to both data breaches or intentional harm.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s events. With over 20 years in the event industry, we’re all too aware of just how much time and energy go into pulling off a world-class event. And that’s why we built event management software: to help event managers plan and manage the event experience, from start to finish, without the headache.


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Today’s consumers are notoriously fickle, flitting from one brand to another in search of an authentic customer experience with a brand they deem worthy of their trust. But if your events aren’t unmistakably aligned with your brand promise, you’re unwittingly conveying the sentiment that your brand is unpredictable at best, and untrustworthy at worst.

More often than not, the root of a discordant event lies in inferior Event Relationship Management (ERM™) – and this dissonance comes at a cost.

By harnessing the power of ERM™, you can plan, organise and run events that are an unmistakable extension of your brand. And the benefits thereof are manifold:

It’s easier to earn the trust of your guests

As the old adage goes, ‘Trust is earned’, and by ensuring that every single aspect of your event delivers on your brand promise, you’re actively earning and strengthening the trust of your guests. From email invitations with superior UX to a streamlined check-in processes and relevant, engaging speaker line-ups, you’re conveying a sense that your brand is consistent, reliable, and therefore, trustworthy.

You spread the right kind of brand awareness

Spending time and money crafting an ingenious marketing campaign and jaw-dropping creative is only an investment if your guests’ experience is just as impressive. Making use of an ERM platform ensures that the message you’re sending is consistent, professional and on-brand – prior, during and after your event.

You spark a conversation about your brand

Events that are managed via an ERM platform aren’t only perfectly parallel to your brand promise, they’re also an effective way to get people talking about your brand. Whether through an event app that enables guests to partake in discussions with fellow attendees and speakers, or via social media mentions after an out-of-this-world event, a streamlined, perfectly-on-point event experience equates to positive word of mouth (the most powerful marketing method out there).

You can continuously learn more about your guests

One of the biggest benefits of managing an event with ERM software is the fact that you can gather nuggets of invaluable information about your guests. There are numerous ways to do so: customised form fields in your online invitations, in-app surveys, post-event surveys and more.

Your event team can concentrate on the small – but important – details

Thanks to the multi-functionality of ERM software, you no longer have to spend hours combing through guest lists or itineraries. You also don’t have to deal with the nightmare scenario of a laborious and lengthy registration process. By automating these tasks, you and your team are able to dedicate your attention to your guests: from organising an emergency shuttle for guests who’ve missed their lift at the airport, to ensuring that your VIPs have everything they need.

An event consists of multiple layers, each requiring attention – some all at once. ERMsoftware ensures that all your i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, so you can deliver an event experience that does your brand – and guests – justice.

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The events that drive brand awareness and result in ROI are the ones that are tailored to the needs and wants of your guests. But to get more than a glimpse into the people behind the names on your guest list, you need to harness the power of data. Enter ERM™(Event Relationship Management), the practice of using data-driven insights to build relationships, drive engagement and increase brand advocacy.

Sounds pretty important, right? It is. In fact, it’s paramount.

If the scenarios below sound familiar, we’re not just betting that you’re in need of ERM™, we’re sure of it.

1.Your team spends a considerable amount of time orchestrating the RSVP process.

Your RSVP process is, without a doubt, an integral part of your event. But without the help of ERM™ software, this process can quickly become all-consuming – eating into precious time and resources that could be better spent working on other tasks. RSVP management fatigue is to blame for many a gremlin creeping into the mix, resulting in the unintentional sabotaging of your event – before it’s even begun.

2. Glitches in the matrix happen too frequently.

Hiccups happen. But they shouldn’t be the norm. Overworked event teams are one of the main causes for human error, and if you’re attempting to manually orchestrate your guest list, travel arrangements and check-in processes, the odds are stacked against you from the moment your very first invitation is sent.

3. Broken telephone is something that you and your team have learnt to live with.

Duplicate guest lists, a division between off-site and office staff and the million last minute details that require attention are a breeding ground for miscommunication. At best, you have to spend (precious) time restoring open lines of communication. At worst, you end up without a keynote speaker or working wifi.

4. You spend a considerable event budget, yet struggle to realise ROI.

Event budgets can run into the millions. But if you’re not enjoying increased sales or brand adoption post-events, there’s a pretty good chance that the problem lies in an inadequate understanding of your guests. You’re aware of this, but aren’t really sure how to go about fixing it. 5. Despite holding several events a year, brand awareness has stagnated. Corporate events don’t encourage brand awareness; brand experiences do. The difference is subtle but oh-so-important. Experiential events are potent marketing tools, but to ensure your corporate event provides your guests with an emotionally engaging event, you need to have in-depth insight into your guests.

If the above sound familiar, it’s time to invest in ERM™. Collect the data that counts to drive event attendance, elevate your event experiences and drive ROI.

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