Despite the rigourous planning and stress that goes into planning successful events, events have the potential to be marketing gold. What could be more attractive to a marketer than tens to hundreds of potential customers in one space – and we’re not talking about cyber space.  Using Event Management Software can help you create and capitalise on this opportunity and boost your brand in the process.

Event Relationship Management: Putting your guests at the centre of your event

Forming those personalised connections with your invitees based on solid data is what we call Event Relationship Management at the RSVP Agency. It’s putting your guests at the centre of your event and creating experiences for them that’ll result in them being drawn to your brand – as opposed to creating an event, inviting people and then trying to force your brand on them. To draw people to your brand successfully you need to get into the minds of your guests prior to the event. This is where Event Management Software comes in. In addition to allowing you to gather key insights about your invitees, these are the features that will help boost your brand:

Professionally designed online invitations

Included in our corporate event planning software package are beautifully designed online invitations, crafted by designers and professional copywriters. Online invitations are an opportunity to convey your brand image and brand messages. It’s also the first touch point many guests have of the event and your brand. Our invitations can be viewed on all devices, so you don’t have to worry about whether some invitees will have trouble reading them.

Highest possible guest acceptance rate

RSVP’s corporate event planning software guarantees the highest guest acceptance rate. A well attended event is the only way to achieve the highest possible ROI and ensure that your brand messages reach your desired audience. Without Event Management Software you risk those invitations finding their way to your invitees’ junk mail folders.

Real-time updates on read and open rates

RSVP’s Event Management Software alerts you as soon as your invitees open and read their invitations. As a result, you don’t need to spend time manually managing guestlists. Armed with data about open and read rates, you’ll be able to adjust and hone your future marketing messages and event strategy to make them more relevant to guests, to increase read and open rates at future events.

On-site registration using innovative technology

Our on-site registration is carried out with iPads and makes use of QR codes to heavily cut down on queue times. The entrance of the venue is the first physical touch point your guests have with your event and, quite possibly, your brand. Event Management Software helps you create a striking first impression by ensuring entry is swift and efficient.

Post event SMS surveys sent out to your guests

Collecting data at the invitation stage is important to ensure that your upcoming event is as tailored to your guests as possible. Post event surveys enhance data you’ve already collected and will help your next events be yet more personalised and successful. Not only that, post event surveys are the perfect time to find out more about what makes your potential brand advocates tick.

An event that boosts your brand will be interactive, emotive, enriching and “guest-centric”. The only way to plan such an event is through the data collection made possible by Event Management Software. For more information about how you can incorprate events into your marketing strategy, download our Marketing Guide.

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We all want to be less stressed. It’s not for nothing that event planners are so frazzled; we’re expected to be on the ball, all of the time. While we can’t spirit you away to a deserted island and ply you with cocktails (imagine!), we can fill you in on the most powerful stress-buster known to event experts – event planning software. With this tool at your side, you’re more than likely having to deal with (seemingly) unending data capturing and consolidating. The good news? This doesn’t have to be the case.

All guest list data is stored in one place.

Tired of flipping through countless files looking for that one phone number? So were we, which is why we designed our event management software to store every single piece of information in your guest list in one place. You’ll never have to worry about losing the email address of your all-important VIPs, or have to burn the midnight oil stressfully scanning a sheet of conflicting information.

Automatically updates itself, so you don’t have to

Because event managing software is automatically updated, you’ll save countless hours that would have been spent laboriously entering data into a spreadsheet. Event management software not only updates itself, but does so in real time too. This means that you’ll only ever work with the most recent information; at the same time, your staff will all be on the same page (literally), at the same time too.

The RSVP Agency is ‘whitelisted’ by our email sending service SendGrid, ensuring that your invitations land in the right inboxes.

We use an accredited email platform, SendGrid – which makes sure that our bounce rate is way below the norm. You’ll never have to worry whether or not your guests have received your invites. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on more pressing issues at hand.

Turns post event reports into accurate accounts.

Reporting back to a client once an event has been completed can be harrowing – predominantly due to the fact that you’re lacking sufficient hard data. The first question on clients’ lips post event? Did we get ROI? If you’re not using event planning software, your answer will probably consist of a guestimate. If you have our RSVP software at your disposal, however, you’ll be able to compile a post-event report that’s based on hard fact.

Never make the same mistake twice.

We’ve all had those event-related disasters that have made us cringe. Making a mistake is human; what counts is learning from them. If you want to make absolutely 100% sure that you never experience the stress-inducing experience of scenario X again, it’s wise to have event planning software. You’ll be able to see that the time you spent the majority of your budget on champagne, and scrimped on cocktail snacks, actually resulted in hungry guests who left the event early – and didn’t remember any of the keynote’s address.

Gather valuable information about your guests.

If you know who your guests are, you’re that much better equipped in creating an event that not only delights them, but results in all-important ROI. Having information about your guests at your disposal isn’t just crucial for the event itself, but for the brand as a whole. The more you know about the people your brand is talking to, the more relevant you’ll be able to make your marketing messages – and brand offering – as a whole.

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Our RSVP service is constantly evolving and improving in order to provide our clients with the best service possible. We’ve added several new functions to our RSVP event management software to ensure that your events are better and easier to manage than ever.

  •  In order to facilitate a seamless guest-check in process, we’ve developed an iPad registration application that’s now fully integrated into our invitation management system.
  • Our event management software now features a “self-registration” feature – allowing guests to register to attend an event, even if they haven’t received an email invitation.
  • We’ve also simplified our referral process, which means that invited guests can now easily invite their valued clients and contacts to an event.
  • Our event management software also now includes a new memo function, which allows communication during the RSVP process.
  • In addition to the key enhancements above, we’ve also added the ability to decline from a “save the date”, so that guests who are unavailable on a particular date can decline before they receive an invitation.

We’ve also added a number of other minor enhancements in order to make your event planning and management process as simple as possible.

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A CMO is a strategic thinker, and looks at a brand from a holistic point of view. His main concerns? ROI and consistently positioning the brand in order to get optimum performance. A big-picture thinker – a CMO isn’t concerned with the small details – like whether or not a client gets an SMS reminder about an event or whether an email invite is compatible with different email software. In fact, technicalities like the specific features of event software are the last thing to cross his mind.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the event manager, who deals with the various, intricate details that add up in order to create a successful event. Because of this, the capabilities of event software are paramount to an event manager who’s tasked with ensuring that all the logistics are in place to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch.

Even though event management software is ultimately used by an event planner, a CMO will advocate the use of it for the following reasons:

Event management software eradicates the need to employ additional staff.

Running a lean team and employing effective cost-saving measures are a priority of a CMO. Having to hire an employee solely for the management of guest lists and invitations isn’t practical at all. Event management software not only does this at a fraction of the cost, it’s able to do it much faster too.

Among other things, a CMO is concerned with the consistent communication of his brand’s core values.

Event management software enables you to set up an email invitations template that’s pre-approved and complies with your corporate identity guidelines. This will ensure that every single invitation you send out – whether for an intimate client dinner or a large-scale corporate golf day – is a professional portrayal of your brand and is in line with your brand values.

A CMO needs a precise way of calculating ROI.

Companies need to be able to see exactly how many people they’re inviting, and how many people actually attend the event on the day. More often than not, this data ends up being stored in different spreadsheets that are saved all over the place – rendering the consolidation of this information an extremely lengthy and frustrating process. Event management software stores all of these statistics in one easily-accessible place, allowing B2C companies to see which individuals attended their events, how much they spent on the event, and whether or not people purchased as a result.

Similarly, B2B companies will be able to see which represenatives from companies frequently attend their events as well as what they’re buying. This data is vital for calculation return on investment. Event management software makes it easy to track all of this and more, and can quickly consolidate this information into a report – a useful function for CMOs when preparing for a board meeting or EXCO gathering.

Lastly, the use of event management software demonstrates that your brand is innovative and tech-savvy.

If your brand still relies on printed invitations, or sends email invitations from a PA’s personal inbox, gathering RSVPs and information like dietary preferences will be a laborious process. You’ll also have to repeatedly ask invitees for the same information – which doesn’t reflect well on your brand’s customer relations.

In today’s highly competitive market, where brands have to scramble for the attention of a limited and fickle audience, it’s imperative that you do all that you can to demonstrate that you’re evolving with the times. By using event management software, you’ll be able to store data about each individual guest as well as send personalised communications to them -helping you to establish genuine relationships with your guests.

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