The right event management software can elevate your events, simplify the entire event process and streamline operations. In short, it’s an investment that pays off tenfold. The wrong corporate event management software, however, can eat into your precious time, unnecessarily complicate tasks, and end up as a massive waste of money.

So how to do you avoid ending up with a white elephant? By making sure that your choice boasts the following six features and functionalities:


1. End-to-end event management 

Many so-called event management platforms purport to be an all-encompassing solution, but when you click past the shiny veneer, they’re only good for tackling a handful of event management tasks. It’s only worth investing in a solution that enables you to manage the entire event planning process: from sending out the very first ‘Save the Date’ to compiling a post-event report.


2. Superior data capturing capabilities

The right data plays a pivotal role in planning and orchestrating events that resonate with guests and successfully garner ROI. But without a way to collect, collate and analyse this information, data collection can be a full-time job. Look for a solution that enables you to draw information from every single event touchpoint: from customisable form fields in invitations to guest polls and surveys via an event app.

3. Cloud-based

Event planning is a 24/7/365 gig, which means that you need software that doesn’t tie you to a desk. Choosing an option that’s not only cloud-based but updated in real-time too, means that you can manage a complex RSVP process, vendors and team members on the go.


4. Easy to use

Powerful software doesn’t have to be complicated to use. Time is of the essence – event planning doesn’t leave time for learning how to navigate a complex program. Event management software should be simple to use, without compromising on its capabilities.


5. Secure

As data becomes the currency of the 21st century, the stakes associated with being privy to sensitive personal information are higher than ever before. Your choice of corporate event management software should offer secure ways of storing and protecting this precious information. Importantly, it should achieve this in a way that’s POPI compliant.


6. Used by industry leaders

A good litmus test for any potential purchase is by looking at the companies who currently use the product in question. A reputable provider will be happy to share these details if they’re not already readily available on their website. If you’re still not 100% convinced, they should be more than happy to offer you a free demo and talk you through their software.

Make sure that your investment in corporate event management software is a wise one. Download our brochure or give us a call to find out why our RSVP software is the right solution for you.

No matter how good of an event planner you are, there’s one saboteur you’ll always be up against: time. Racing against the clock as you attempt to cross everything off a lengthy to-do list can send even the most seasoned event planner spinning in circles.

This constant battle against the clock inspired the way we created our corporate event management software solution.

Our all-encompassing corporate event management software is built to help you tackle all aspects of your event – with time to spare.

Spend less time chasing down wayward invitees

We know a thing or two about email invitation delivery, thanks to the fact that we’ve sent hundreds of thousands of invitations on behalf of clients all over the world. Our extensive experience has enabled us to perfect the practice and achieve an open rate of 42.7% (compared to the global average open rate of just 19.7%.) Our ERM™ solution makes use of a cloud-based, secure server which whitelists address books before you hit “send”. The result: you spend less time chasing after RSVPs.

Spend less time finding the right attendees to invite

Built to collect data from multiple sources throughout the RSVP and event management process, our ERM™ solution gathers and collates information about your guests – presenting you with rich profiles of each of your attendees. The result: you know who to woo, and who to leave off the guest list.

Save time gauging attendee sentiment

Your guests have the final say as to whether your event hit the right note, which is why we’ve created an easy way for you to gather attendee feedback. Post event surveys – served via mobile or email – enable you to poll guests on their experience, moments after the fact. The result: You have timely feedback as to how your event was perceived.

Save time analysing event ROI

Measuring the success of a corporate event can be tricky, and with a substantial budget on the line, you need to know just how effective your events are at achieving your brand objectives. Our ERM™ platform features sophisticated reporting tools to simplify an often onerous task and give you a clear idea of budget allocation, overheads, and ultimately, ROI.

Say goodbye to relying on multiple applications

Having twenty different tabs open at any given time is a drag, often resulting in confusion and a strong urge to curse the gods of technology. What’s worse, multi-tasking across several programs means that gremlins have multiple windows to creep into the mix. Our ERM™ solution collates all event data in one central repository, eradicating the need to manage multiple applications. Updated in real time and built to allow multiple users you don’t have to worry about duplicate data ever again. The result: you save time that would otherwise be spent trying to recover lost documents or sorting through multiple conflicting spreadsheets.  

Our event management software is so much more than a RSVP system: it’s an all-encompassing Event Relationship Management solution.

Set your next event up for success by downloading our brochure to learn more about how our ERM™ software can save you time and elevate your corporate events.

Just like the most prudent investments – that beach house that’s now worth ten times the amount you bought it for, the money you spent on an MBA, or those units trusts you bought back in the day, the proverbial dividends paid out by ERM software are prolific.

If you’re wondering what these benefits actually look like, you’re in luck. We’ve listed the multiple ways in which this investment pays off, big time.



1.You can build rich, agile profiles of your guests

The ticket to events that result in ROI? Data. Thanks to its data capturing capabilities, ERM software enables you to easily gather a wide range of information about your guests. And it’s this very data that enables you to create events that are relevant and that resonate with your guests. Our ERM platform features multiple ways to do this: from invitations with customisable form fields, right through to post-event surveys to gauge guest sentiment post your events.

2.Your event team is freed up to tackle the myriad small details of your event

Thanks to the fact that ERM software automates the entire RSVP process (amazing, right?), your event team now has precious time to dedicate to the million and one other things on their to-do list. You no longer need to have several employees whose sole responsibility is to orchestrate the time-consuming and hair-pulling experience of gathering RSVPs. And less money spent on extraneous staff means more budget for the rest of your event.

3.You mitigate against human error

Every event sees some sort of error occur – and the majority of these “Oh no’s!” are down to overworked staff and manual miss-steps. However, when you use ERM software to collect, collate and store all event information, you greatly reduce the chance of an oversight that costs you time and money.

4.You save money that would otherwise have been spent on multiple event management solutions

One program for your guest lists, one for tracking email invites, another one to manage vendor information, and yet another one to manage your event app can see you racking up expenses – before you’ve even secured a venue. ERM software replaces the need for multiple programs and software, enabling you to manage every single aspect of your event, in real-time, both offsite and on.

5.Sensitive data is secured

Event managers are privy to confidential information daily. From the personal particulars of every single guest to the top-secret riders of performers and banking details of vendors, ERM software stores all data in the cloud – protecting it from theft and loss due to both data breaches or intentional harm.

If there’s one thing we know, it’s events. With over 20 years in the event industry, we’re all too aware of just how much time and energy go into pulling off a world-class event. And that’s why we built event management software: to help event managers plan and manage the event experience, from start to finish, without the headache.


Want to learn more about our event management software? Simply download our brochure below.

pexels-photo-rsvp-event.jpgWhy do event managers at big corporates, like Momentum, and boutique events management companies, like Lucky No.8, prefer to use our corporate event planning software for their events? We believe it’s because our carefully designed software solution provides top event planners with a single platform from which they can execute and track many of their core event planning activities.

What would an event be without the right guests?

We make the design and distribution of event invitations as simple and easy a process as possible; our corporate event planning software allows event professionals to automate the distribution of their professionally designed event invitations. In this way, event planners ensure that the right people receive their invitations – at the right time.

Once invitations have been sent, our software allows event planners to track their guests’ invitation declines or accepts, as well as email invitation bounce rates, and ‘out of office’ notifications. Event planners can access the backend of RSVP software to see these accept and declines and affect their own call downs to ensure that no guest can slip through the cracks. Consultants who make these calls are well briefed on all your event’s details and capture additional information learned from guests during these calls to ensure that your database up to date.

According to Momentum’s Events and Sponsorship Manager, Denise Pillay, “the back-end of the tool is simple to understand and navigate when you need to make relevant changes and manage your responses”.

What would an event be without up-to-date guest data?

Event planners can use our corporate event planning software to collect crucial information from their invited guests prior to their event. This includes each guest’s unique accommodation, travel and catering needs. Our system can also be used to send guests surveys for the collection of additional data.

Automated emails walk guests through the registration process and prompt them to book their accommodation, capture their travel details and pay for the event, where necessary, using their prefered means of payment. Once this information is securely captured and stored in our database, selected travel agents are able to access this data to book flights for guests and organise their car rentals or airport transfers.

For Lebo Motswenyane, the Managing Director of Lucky No.8, this meant she was able to organise guests travelling from six different continents to attend the 2016 AfroCentric Achiever Awards. Lebo shared with us that, for her, the tracking of guest responses and our additional survey option was one of the key features of our corporate event planning software.

What would an event be without automated reporting?

We know that event planners need to have access to real-time figures. This is why we provide a custom-built and automated reporting structure that can be formated to each client’s needs. Our clients can specify how often they want their status reports spooled and sent to them, and what information they want reporting on.

What would a software product be without the necessary support?

The RSVP Agency’s project management team has been described as friendly, available and willing. We help you communicate key information to your guests and our professional team of hosts and hostesses help you with the hosting of your event and the handling of your event’s registration process.

Download our brochure for more information about the RSVP Agency’s Event Management Software

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RSVP_-_ROI_event_meeting_Blog-1.jpgHow do meetings and events create value? In his online presentation on the subject, Dr Elling Hamso, of the Event ROI Institute, proposes that events only create value for guests when they have to DO something. In other words, stakeholder value is created when there is a change in participant behaviour thanks to them having attended your corporate event.

For your guests’ behaviour to change, you need to ensure that you’ve put (just enough) money where your mouth is

Event guests merely feeling or thinking something different does not mean that there has been behaviour change, or that stakeholder value has been created. Instead, guests have to “physically do something”, says Dr Hamso, either after the meeting or during it, for an event to have created value.

What’s more, for an event to be successful, stakeholders’ behaviour needs to be changed “at the lowest possible cost”, so that money isn’t wasted. According to Dr Hamso, money can either be lost if more is spent than is necessary, or if too little money is invested in an event for it to resonate and bring about the desired change in behaviour. The bottom line is that an event that has no proven ROI is a money- and time-wasting activity.

The Event ROI Institute has developed a few steps for ensuring an event sees a ROI

In his presentation, Dr Hamso provides a step-by-step approach for ensuring event ROI. This involves setting key objectives to know what needs to be done and which targets need to be reached to bring about behaviour change through your event experiences. When planning an event, you will need to set objectives for:

  • The event’s bottom line impact
  • The guest behaviour that will generate this impact
  • The learning experience that will change participant behaviour
  • The ideal learning environment to host this learning experience

Lastly, you will also need to identify the ideal target audience to invite to this learning experience, whose behaviour you want to change.

Measuring the success of an event starts with an honest assessment of your target audience and ends with measuring event ROI

Dr Hamso shares that for measuring event ROI you need to flip the above points on their head and start with an assessment of your target audience. Did the right people attend your event? If not, you may just have wasted a great deal of your company’s time and money.

Measuring the learning environment

The following questions can be used as a guideline for measuring the effectiveness of the learning environment you have created:

1. Was the learning environment hospitable enough?
2. Did the food and venue selection resonate with your guests?
3. Were guests satisfied with the content delivered?
4. Were their expectations met – did they learn and experience what they came to learn and experience?

Measuring the learning experience

According to the good Doctor, “behaviour will change only as a result of cognitive change”. After measuring the learning environment, event planners need to assess the learning experience that their event has offered their guests. Has the information about your company’s values, products, knowledge and skills been useful and valuable enough for it to be remembered and applied? Or did you just waste a whole lot of your attendees’ time with an inapplicable or boring information download?

Measuring impact

Your event’s impact is measured by what event guests then go on to do with their newfound knowledge. Ideally, you would want them to go out and buy your product, enlist your services and encourage others to do the same.

Measuring profit

“ROI is the profit as a percentage of the cost”, says Dr Hamso. Measuring event ROI (or profit) entails adding up all the impacts from your event and then subtracting the cost of your event. For this, you will need to know how to isolate the impact of your event from other in-house advertising or marketing activities that might be driving product sales or demand for your services.

Event professionals need to know how to monetise the outcomes of their events. In his presentation, Dr Hamso provides the example of better management being a positive behaviour change in participants from a management course they attended. Event organisers need to know how to assign ‘better management’ with monetary value to prove their event’s ROI.

Event management software can help event organisers measure impact and changes in client’s behaviour

Intelligent event management software allows for more streamlined event relationship management (ERM™) as it enables event managers to automate the gathering, storing and analysing of guest’s data to provide event managers with key insights into their ideal target market’s behaviour. These insights help event professionals create learning environments and learning experiences that resonate deeply with their guests and affect change in their behaviour.  

The RSVP Agency’s event management software, for example, allows for real-time updates of guests’ responses to automated electronic invitations (sent by the same software system), so that event organisers can correctly gauge the effectiveness of their email marketing and change their strategy accordingly.

Our software solution also allows event professionals to set up online surveys, before, during, or after the event, to gather insights into guest preferences, or valuable feedback about their learning experiences. Here, event participants can be asked directly about any changes in their behaviour after an event to assist event managers with measuring event ROI.

For more information about The RSVP Agency’s event management software solution, download our brochure.

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Event-technology-Rsvp-1.jpgFrom being tasked by a client to organise an in-flight tattoo artist for guests winging their way to an event, to crazy, last-minute requests for a snow machine at a celebrity party – event planners have probably seen and heard it all. This is why, to best keep track with their clients’ evolving expectations and needs, event organisers need to keep their mad planning skills, contact network and event management tools as current and adaptable as possible.


Each corporate event is unique, so event organisers need tools that easily adapt to their planning requirements

This is what makes customisable event technologies so great: event planners don’t necessarily have to find new technologies or do a complete overhaul of their existing event planning tools to fulfil a corporate client’s unique requests. Instead, new functionalities can be built into existing event technologies to improve and streamline the event planning process.

At the beginning of 2014, for example, The RSVP Agency decided to add several new functional elements to our event management software services. This included the development of an iPad-based registration application to integrate into our invitation management system and simplify the on-the-day event registration process.

We also added a new event referral feature that allows invited guests to easily invite their own clients and contacts to an important event; here, email forwards and responses are tracked in the back-end of our system so that event planners can have an accurate and real-time record of guest list numbers and guests’ details.

It’s important to be aware of clients’ pain points to develop the most appropriate digital solutions possible

In the event tech industry, it’s good to repeatedly revisit the proverbial drawing board to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s hip and happening in the field.

The RSVP Agency recognised that our clients needed to collect different information from their event guests (depending on the type of event and its location and purpose) and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to data capturing wasn’t going to cut it. So, in 2016, we’ve added conditional drop downs to our online event registration form fields. Our online registration forms can now be built to specification to collect the exact guest information that our clients need for the event planning process.

For example, conditional drop downs can be developed to prompt guests to select their mode of transport, capture their preferred travel dates and times, and choose where they would like to stay during the course of the event. This data can then be used by event planners, and their associated travel agents, to book flights, arrange guests’ airport or bus transfers, and make plans for guests’ accommodation.

For more information about our complete event management software solution, download our Event Technology guide below.

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event-management-software2.pngWhether it’s adjustments to program logistics or unexpected complications with vendors, last-minute changes and client requests can easily upset an event planner’s proverbial apple cart. According to a Meetings Net blog, eleventh-hour changes (of any form) are ranked as one of the top stressors for coordinators in the events industry.

This same blog – a brief summary of a survey done with 215 meeting planner respondents – identified the top solutions for making the event planning job easier as being:

  • More time and staff
  • The automation of manual tasks
  • Better reporting of data  
  • Help in reducing costs

The International Institute of Events Management pointed out in one of their blogs that following “standard and repeatable event management processes” can also reduce the chance of last-minute issues cropping up. These management processes need to be well communicated to all involved so that each person can understand their role and responsibilities – minimising the opportunity for important tasks to fall through the cracks.

The RSVP Agency has designed an online system to manage the entire RSVP process so that corporate event planners are 100% freed up to focus on guests’ event experiences

In answer to corporate event planners’ automation needs, The RSVP Agency has developed a professional Event Management Software solution that handles all the complexities of the corporate event RSVP process. Our system manages online invitations and RSVPs, on-site registrations at events and live reporting on guest attendance and their preferences.     

Customised form fields: When it comes to corporate conferences and seminars, customisable form fields and workflows allow invited guests to select their preferred accommodation packages, which includes their choice of hotel from a predetermined selection and whether they would like to stay in a single room or share with another guest. They can also request airport transfers – all done online, while following prompts included in emails and correspondence. These features are unique to our Event Management Software solution.

Automated data capturing: If guests request to share a room with another guest they can send an automated invitation to this individual for their response (see image below). Responses are automatically captured into the backend of our system so that event planners don’t have to manually keep track of these themselves.

Our Event Management Software solution automates email reminders to guests to pay their event fees and confirm their attendance at your event

The RSVP Agency’s Event Management Software captures guests’ billing details so that payments for accommodation, airport transfers and conference fees can be done online. Online payments are made secure through our use of Pay U – an online payment provider that secures payments through their double firewall and use of SSL encryption, 3D Secure, and fraud detection software.

Email confirmations are sent to conference guests throughout this entire process so that they can keep track and have proof of their registration and payment process.  

Our RSVP software for events automates manual tasks, reduces staffing needs, helps event managers with accurate reporting of data and saves time and money.

For more information, feel free to contact us at any time or download our event technology guide to learn more about the many benefits of using professional Event Management Software solutions.

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hidden-gems-corporate-event-planning-checklist.jpgSafely tucked away in any event professional’s ring binder file would be that item so essential to the event planning process that, were it ever to be lost or destroyed, the world would surely come crashing down around them. I’m talking about the unsung hero of the event management process – the corporate event planning checklist.

The ultimate function of an event planning checklist is to keep event planners sane

The corporate event planning checklist details it all – from every line item in a corporate event’s budget down to who will be responsible for placing water on the lectern for guest speakers on the day of the event. This is why this checklist and its associated documents are often referred to as the event planner’s ‘bible’ and why no event planner worth their salt will be seen without theirs close at hand on the day of their corporate event.

So, what kind of information should (or do) event planners keep close to them during an event?

Checklist templates for event planning abound on the internet. Examples of what should be included in this checklist differ according to event planner, business and events agency. One thing that we feel is pertinent to include with every checklist is an event call sheet. A call sheet is one of those hidden gems in an event planner’s file. It contains the contact details (cell phone numbers and email addresses) for every caterer, supplier, media person, emergency personnel member, project coordinator, hostess, taxi service, car hire company, audio-visual guy – you name it – whose involvement is pertinent to the successful running of your event on the day.  

Call sheets are distributed to the entire event planning team to ensure that they’ll know who to contact or follow up with should someone run late or a problem arise. Event planning call sheets should also include key setup times and locations for your team members throughout the day. A call sheet can also be used to direct your event planning team’s movement across locations. The RSVP Agency, for example,  recently ran the registrations for corporate event activities that required multiple call sheets for multiple teams spread across various locations.

A section of your corporate event planning checklist should always be dedicated to event compliance procedures

A crucial aspect of any planned event is its level of compliance with appropriate health and safety procedures. Regulations exist to ensure that event planners take health and safety measures at events seriously. These regulations touch on appropriate venue and site design, fire safety, incident planning, the types of communication channels that need to be in place to ensure optimal safety for event guests, the necessary protocol for crowd management and crowd control – and much more.

Another gem to add to your corporate event planning checklist would then be our Event Compliance Checklist. This checklist will help you cover your event compliance bases when planning your upcoming events. You can download this checklist here below.

For more information about The RSVP Agency’s professional event management software solution, give us a call today.

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Have you received any event invitations by regular post lately? No? Come to think of it, neither have I really. And why would we, when Facebook (and other social networking platforms) allow just about anyone to create an events page and send online event invites to their FB friends and society at large – no mess, no fuss?

In the same way, paper-based corporate event invitations are quite soon to be a thing of the past. This is because corporate event invitations and guest list management processes are becoming increasingly digitised. In today’s high-tech society, any form of communication that arrives in a sealed and stamped envelope seems quaintly archaic. In fact, the only form of ‘snail mail’ that many of us now expect to find in the post these days are our bills, statements, speeding fines and the odd letter or two from grandma.

While this may seem a rude turn of events for the avid postage stamp collector, event professionals are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Digital technologies now exist to automate and streamline much of the corporate event management processes – and we’re grateful. We’re also grateful because these technologies make us look even more organised and efficient than before, which we don’t mind.

If you find yourself saddled with outdated corporate event management processes, it may be time to consider ‘going digital’ to maintain that near-flawless event planning reputation of yours

The RSVP Agency’s Invitation and RSVP Management Solution allows you to send out web-integrated email invitations and manage your corporate event guest list in real time.

Here’s a scenario: you’ve been tasked to organise a gala dinner for a large corporation’s key clients, stakeholders, executives and partners. How can The RSVP Agency’s online invitation management software help you with the task at hand (while making you look every part the event planning guru)?

The process is quite simple: You’ll first need to do a bit of detective work and information-gathering of your own to create a master list of all potential guest’s information. You’ll initially need to create this master guest list in Excel, where you can clean up any formatting errors and duplications of information.

Once ready, this spreadsheet can be uploaded onto an online database that plugs into The RSVP Agency’s online invitation management software. Your new master guest list can be updated in real time, accessed at any point, and from any location, and also downloaded as an updated Excel spreadsheet for reporting. Uploaded data can now be pulled into our invitation management software to automate the sending of your event’s e-invites.

When it comes to designing your corporate event invitation, you have two options: 1.)

The RSVP Agency has an in-house designer, skilled in blending a business’ corporate identity guidelines, branding, specified artwork and event-related themes to build and create your event’s customised electronic invitations. 

Accept and decline buttons are built into e-invitations so that guests can respond to your event invitation with the simple click of a button. In the backend, our online invitation management software tracks and captures responses, so that your list of confirmed attendees stays current and so that you know who to follow up with for a response. 

2.)Alternatively, you can send us a corporately designed invitation for uploading onto our software system. Here, the same accept and decline buttons are included to automate the online capturing of your guests’ responses.

Event management technology also serves as a nifty data gathering tool for measuring a corporate event’s ROO and ROI

Our online invitation management software also allows you to collect additional information from guests during the RSVP process. You can ask them about their dietary preferences, accommodation and travel arrangements, preferred means of communication and the likes, which will better arm you to pull off another seamless corporate event experience.

You can also send them a pre-event survey to be compared with any responses  collected after the event. Because this information is stored in an online database, it has less chance of being corrupted, damaged or tampered with, which should tick all your boxes when it comes to ensuring POPI compliance.

The benefits of online invitation management software are too numerous for one blog alone, I’m afraid. For more information about The RSVP Agency’s Event Management Software offerings, download our latest event tech guide.

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best_event_management_software.jpgWe all know that nobody bothers with something if it isn’t broken. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, is the popular adage. If a system, product or device runs smoothly, we barely notice how efficient it is or how much easier or more productive it’s making our lives. But have it fall over, break down, or fail to do what it’s meant to do, and – lo and behold – eyebrows will start furrowing, grumbles and complaints will be heard in the air, and a speedy solution will need to be found ASAP, otherwise somebody’s head is bound to roll.

It’s the same with running a corporate event. Guest who enjoy and appreciate the smooth organising of one of your product launches, golf days or business seminars, probably do so without a thought as to what is going on in the background. But just have that one delay, technical error, catering mess-up or venue glitch creep in, and your happiest guest can easily sour.

One way to prevent guests from walking away from an event with a bad taste in their mouths is to sweeten the process with Event Management Software.

Our product offering: slick invitations, easy RSVP processes, and seamless on-the-day registration capabilities

At The RSVP Agency, we understand that it’s important that your guests have a positive experience at every touch point in your events planning and delivery process. This is often achieved through process automation, which reduces the chance of human error and allows for the pre-planning and setup of much of your event management processes.

Guests don’t enjoy feeling spammed, for example, so your email invitations and follow-up communications need to be delivered to their email inboxes, at appropriate intervals, looking slick and professional. At The RSVP Agency, we offer professionally crafted designs for email invitations and online RSVP pages. Email invitations are sent to guests on your guest list via our automated email invitation software. Our Event Management Software cleans your guest list of any duplicates or errors, so that no guest is emailed twice and your email invitation bounce rates are greatly reduced.

What’s more, our Event Management Software can track which of your guests have indicated they will be attending your event, and which guests need to be followed up for a response – keeping your guest list updated in real time.

Being able to reply to your email invitation is as simple as a mouse click

The RSVP Agency’s Event Management Software is perfect for corporate event planners and their busy event attendees. Guests who want to confirm or decline their attendance simply need to click on an ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ button in their email invitation. Our online invitation management system then reminds confirmed guests of your event via SMS. Confirmed guests further receive an iCal calendar reminder that integrates with their local calendar software so that your event can’t slip their minds.

The on-the-day event registration process is also simplified with our Event Management Software. Registration at an event is necessary for security access control and tracking guest’s attendance. The RSVP Agency’s product allows you to easily register your guests on the day using an unique QR code issued to each guest prior to the event. Guests can register themselves using our our RSVP iPad application.

Download our brochure for more information about how to sweeten your event offerings with our Professional RSVP Management Software.

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