Online-registration-software-4.jpgWhen it comes to choosing an online registration software solution that best suits their corporate event management needs, event planners are more than just a bit spoiled for choice these days. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that they are drowning in product options. For example, a search on the Capterra website for their top rated online registration software yields over 100 search results. How does an event organiser even begin to select the right platform for their event registration and planning requirements?

 We were a bit curious about this too, so we did a quick product comparison…

According to Capterra’s rating system, all the top online registration software solutions can do the following:

  • Manage guest attendance, contacts and event registrations
  • Support both online and onsite event registrations
  • Enable guests to self check-in at an event
  • Include a badge printing and badge management app
  • Provide online support to event managers throughout the event management process
  • Provide access to the necessary training documentation for clients to learn how to use the software

Features that are shared by some (but not all) products include:

  • A free product trial period to experience the software first hand
  • Cloud, mobile and web deployment – so that an event planner can access this planning tool across multiple devices
  • Targeted event email marketing
  • Calendar management – either through a plugin on a client’s event page or through a cloud-based system.
  • Secure and online payment processing
  • 24/7 live reporting via an online dashboard for event planners to access data in real-time
  • Surveys and feedback functions for pre- or post-event data collection

Depending on the type of package purchased, event planners could also expect the software to provide them with box office features for ticket sales and assist them with hotel and venue sourcing, advanced social media integration, ticket scanning, event budget management and post-event data reporting and analysis.

All of the above online registration software functions can save an event planner a great deal of time and money and should be enough to convince even the most cynical of critics to move their corporate event planning processes online.

The RSVP Agency’s dynamic event management software gives the competition a good run for its money

Our online registration software boasts many of the above mentioned functions and capabilities. It not only manages guest lists and handles online event registrations – it also automates email invitations and serves as a useful data collection tool for capturing guests’ information. All The RSVP Agency’s processes are POPI compliant, which means that our clients can trust us to protect their guests’ personal information at all times.

Our online registration software enables secure online payments and allows guests to place group orders for event-related stationery and supplies; it also walks guests through the accommodation and travel booking process.

The RSVP Agency’s support services further extend to include customised invitation design, call downs to clients who have not responded to email invitations, and iCal reminders to guests to attend the event.

Download our brochure to find out more about our locally-developed RSVP software for events.

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online-registration-software-3It’s exactly 50 years since American television premiered the popular science fiction series, Star Trek. Those of us who are old enough will remember our first ever ‘encounter’ with Captain Kirk and the strange Mr. Spock, as we watched their thrilling, intergalactic travels in the starship Enterprise. Star Trek fans, or ‘Trekkies’, have abounded in number ever since.

Interestingly, this cult series was produced only nine years after the Soviets put the first living being – a dog called Laika – into orbit, says a article. This explains much of the series’ subject matter, and the intrigue around it, at the time.

Did you know that Star Trek had a role to play in the invention of certain digital technology?

While much of what Star Trek has dreamed up for the future of space travel still needs to be actualised, the series did play a role in inspiring real-life technological inventions like the cell phone and tablet computers, says both a Wikipedia article and this blog on gadgets inspired by Star Trek. How strange that modern online registration software, and its associated technology, has Star Trek to thank for just how far we have come!

In the light, and spirit, of this intriguing little fact, let’s spend some time dreaming about the future of event registration technology, shall we?

With a focus on events that are interactive and fully immersive, ongoing technological advancements have a very real role to play in the future of event management.

If the sky’s the limit when it comes to dreaming, let’s think very far outside of the box for a moment to describe the wonderful, futuristic world of events management and online registration software:

  • Currently, most online registration software makes use of digital invitations and QR codes for on-the-day access and event registration. Imagine a world where this is taken to the next level and your guests are given access to your event using their biometrical data. Visualise using iris recognition solutions via a retinal scan to register your guests, for example. Imagine that!

  • Wearable technology will likely become a norm at all events. Picture interactize eye gear (much like the failed Google Glass product) that can be used by event staff, together with online registration software, to scan event tickets. This technology could also enhance your event security, if also designed to take and store instant photographs of guests for facial recognition purposes.

  • Wearable Experiments is one company that is exploring the full potential of wearable tech by “integrating hardware, software, apparel and design”.  This means that we can soon expect our clothes to be as smart as our gadgets. Imagine a world where the clothes we wear will be involved in communicating and enhancing our experiences…

  • According to CadmiumCD, simulated 3D sound and hologram technology could soon be shaping your guests’ virtual experiences too. At the moment, research into 3D sound is being conducted by a team at the University of Maryland, says a BackChannel blog published last year. The blog author explains that, instead of placing speakers around a room to deliver 3D sound, this clever technology aims to combine headphones, sophisticated technology and everyday gadgets to immerse users in mind-blowing, surround sound experiences.

  • Event networking apps that incorporate some of that hologram technology briefly mentioned above, could also be a new ‘thing’ at events. Instead of just creating groups in apps that allow guests at different venues to network via text, video or images, futuristic networking apps could allow guests to ‘meet’ each other in real time using hologram technology.

Dreaming aside, there are some pretty great Event Registration Software packages ‘out there’ already that are technologically advanced enough to blow your hair back.

You will be happy to know that, while we wait to see how advancing technology will continue to disrupt our lives, existing Event Registration Software has already moved us far beyond the conventional pen-and-paper approach to events management.

Read our brochure to find out more about the many sophisticated features we have built into our Invitation RSVP Management Solution software.

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Event management is a stressful game – in fact,, a leading online career resource, listed event co-ordinating as the number six most stressful job of 2012. A major stress for event planners is time management – it’s hard to be cool and calm when you’re working hard to maintain a strict schedule – and satisfying different people’s demands.

Here are seven top tips for minimizing your stress when you are planning an event:

  • Choose the right team to help you – no matter how capable they might be, avoid hysterical types who crumble under pressure. Rather opt for strong and steady talent who remain in control and focus on getting the job done.
  • Don’t try to do everything yourself – break tasks down into manageable chunks and delegate to appropriate people.
  • Make sure your team is working together – discourage politics and interpersonal conflicts by helping people remain focused on their particular tasks and aims, and that they know what is expected of them.
  • Plan ahead and don’t leave everything to the last minute.
  • Take care of your events team – do ensure that their physiological needs (food, water, and comfort breaks) are taken care of when working an event to avoid fatigue.
  • Regularly touch base with your events team to ensure that everybody is on track and to trouble-shoot any problems .
  • Use a professional online RSVP system to streamline the events management process.

How The RSVP Agency can help

The RSVP Agency have developed an online event registration and guest list management systemwhich manages all the complexities of your RSVP process from the online invitations to the onsite registration of guests as they arrive at your event. . The elements of this professional events management tool include:

1. Save-the-Date

A save-the-date notice ensures that your guests have your event scheduled into their diaries. The RSVP Agency offers engaging save-the-date designs that can integrate with local calendars using our “ical” functionality.

2. Invitation Design

The RSVP Agency provides a comprehensive design service to quickly and cost effectively design all of the required RSVP elements needed to run a professional RSVP project. You can choose from one of our email invitation designs or we will happily work with your appointed designers or agencies. We offer both invitation graphic design and copywriting to create professional-looking, aesthetically pleasing invitations that best suit your target audience.

3. Invitation Management

Our invitation management system allows you to detail the preferences of your invited guests and save your delegate responses during the invitation phase for later use. Our Database Cleaning provides extensive duplicate guest data checking which further simplifies the task of collating guest information. All guest details can be uploaded and downloaded to Microsoft Excel.

4. Email Confirmation

We focus on high email delivery rate to ensure your invite reaches your invited guests. We track email delivery and report the status of your invitations – who has accepted, who has declined, which emails have bounced, and who sent an out-of-office reply.

5. Aide Memoire

Jog memories and encourage attendance with automatic SMS reminders and by automatically adding your event to your invited guests’ calendars.

6. Reporting

Live reporting on the RSVP Dashboard gives you a snapshot of events as they happen – including who’s attending, who isn’t and who is yet to respond – so that you know precisely where you stand at any given moment and can respond accordingly.

7. Call Downs

Late responses can cause havoc with event planning. This feature means our professional consultants call your guests, who have not yet responded, to follow up with their attendance status.

8. Name Tag Printing

Quickly and easily print name tags, lanyards, or other event accreditation for guests to wear at your event.

9. Onsite Registration and Hosting

No more clipboards and paper, and collating information later! Simply register guests at your event via our iPad application.

A user-friendly RSVP tool to save time

This events management tool is designed to be:

  • Efficient – it’s email and web integrated
  • Flexible – clients can choose options which best manage their own event
  • User-friendly – taking the headache out of compiling and sending communications and gathering and collating information
  • Supportive – with online training and continued support for licensed software users
  • Reliable – it’s hosted on a secure, dedicated server infrastructure
  • Up-to-date – with software upgrades every three to six months.