Top corporate event planners are either good at their jobs – brilliant, even – or they just aren’t. The brilliant ones know the value of each event for promoting their company’s corporate branding, and seem to have enough creative tricks up their sleeves to pull off experiences that resonate deeply, engage and impress.

Another key quality that successful event planners possess is their exceptional organisational skills. They are good at juggling the finer details, reassuring their clients or bosses that all is under control, delegating tasks, pushing back on ideas or requests when they have to – and they have effective time management skills.

In fact, effective time management skills are quite ‘up there’ on the professional expertise list for any event planner – because if you don’t know how to orchestrate your own work life and manage your own work commitments, then how could you possibly do it for your corporate events?

The good news is that there is an abundance of advice for those event planners who need to improve their time management skills

According to a Mind Tools blog, goal setting, prioritisation, managing interruptions, and minimising the chance of procrastination are key components of effective time management. We also add ‘appropriate technology’ to the list of measures that event planners can use to manage their time more efficiently.

Goal Setting

Setting daily, weekly and monthly goals is one way to ensure that you manage your time correctly. Goals should always be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-based. The best way to develop SMART goals is to write down a statement for each that reflects each letter of the acronym. For this, a Your Coach blog suggests asking yourself the following questions to flesh out each of your SMART goals and objectives:

  • What exactly do I want to achieve? 
  • What steps do I need to take to reach this goal?
  • By when will I need to achieve this goal? 
  • Who do I need to involve? 
  • What are the conditions and limitations for the task?
  •  Are there possible alternative ways of reaching my objectives?


Goals are prioritised according to their importance and urgency. Being able to appropriately prioritise a task involves the ability to understand relationships between different activities. How might one task affect another? How much time does one activity need compared to the next? Here, a simple project management tool may come in handy to set time frames and help event planners think through all the variables.

Managing Interruptions

Even if an event planner has all their ducks in a row, there are bound to be interruptions to their workflow and processes. This is the nature of life and event planning. Effective time management skills include the ability to reprioritise goals and tasks so that processes can still run to schedule. Again, a project management tool can be useful here to recalculate and set new time frames for a team. Working to a too tight schedule, which cannot accommodate such interruptions, is never a great idea, so event planners need to provide for wiggle room in all their planning for unforeseen interruptions and time delays.  


Just don’t’ is the advice here. Different personality types handle work pressure differently, though. Some people thrive on doing things last-minute, others may drag their feet because they don’t know how to get a job done, so an event planner needs to know themselves and their team members well enough to understand the different work styles and who to allocate to a task. Putting the right people on a job and delegating tasks according to each person’s strengths and preferences is one way to prevent any feet-dragging out of disinterest or lack of skill.


Effective time management skills can be augmented by using appropriate RSVP software for events. RSVP software can help corporate event planners streamline their online registration and guest management processes – freeing up more of their time to focus on achieving their goals.

The RSVP Agency’s Event Compliance Checklist is another tool that event planners can use in their event planning process to dot their i’s and cross their t’s – to prevent last minute emergencies by ensuring that they’ve properly followed event compliance procedures.

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Online-registration-software-4.jpgWhen it comes to choosing an online registration software solution that best suits their corporate event management needs, event planners are more than just a bit spoiled for choice these days. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that they are drowning in product options. For example, a search on the Capterra website for their top rated online registration software yields over 100 search results. How does an event organiser even begin to select the right platform for their event registration and planning requirements?

 We were a bit curious about this too, so we did a quick product comparison…

According to Capterra’s rating system, all the top online registration software solutions can do the following:

  • Manage guest attendance, contacts and event registrations
  • Support both online and onsite event registrations
  • Enable guests to self check-in at an event
  • Include a badge printing and badge management app
  • Provide online support to event managers throughout the event management process
  • Provide access to the necessary training documentation for clients to learn how to use the software

Features that are shared by some (but not all) products include:

  • A free product trial period to experience the software first hand
  • Cloud, mobile and web deployment – so that an event planner can access this planning tool across multiple devices
  • Targeted event email marketing
  • Calendar management – either through a plugin on a client’s event page or through a cloud-based system.
  • Secure and online payment processing
  • 24/7 live reporting via an online dashboard for event planners to access data in real-time
  • Surveys and feedback functions for pre- or post-event data collection

Depending on the type of package purchased, event planners could also expect the software to provide them with box office features for ticket sales and assist them with hotel and venue sourcing, advanced social media integration, ticket scanning, event budget management and post-event data reporting and analysis.

All of the above online registration software functions can save an event planner a great deal of time and money and should be enough to convince even the most cynical of critics to move their corporate event planning processes online.

The RSVP Agency’s dynamic event management software gives the competition a good run for its money

Our online registration software boasts many of the above mentioned functions and capabilities. It not only manages guest lists and handles online event registrations – it also automates email invitations and serves as a useful data collection tool for capturing guests’ information. All The RSVP Agency’s processes are POPI compliant, which means that our clients can trust us to protect their guests’ personal information at all times.

Our online registration software enables secure online payments and allows guests to place group orders for event-related stationery and supplies; it also walks guests through the accommodation and travel booking process.

The RSVP Agency’s support services further extend to include customised invitation design, call downs to clients who have not responded to email invitations, and iCal reminders to guests to attend the event.

Download our brochure to find out more about our locally-developed RSVP software for events.

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event-management-software2.pngWhether it’s adjustments to program logistics or unexpected complications with vendors, last-minute changes and client requests can easily upset an event planner’s proverbial apple cart. According to a Meetings Net blog, eleventh-hour changes (of any form) are ranked as one of the top stressors for coordinators in the events industry.

This same blog – a brief summary of a survey done with 215 meeting planner respondents – identified the top solutions for making the event planning job easier as being:

  • More time and staff
  • The automation of manual tasks
  • Better reporting of data  
  • Help in reducing costs

The International Institute of Events Management pointed out in one of their blogs that following “standard and repeatable event management processes” can also reduce the chance of last-minute issues cropping up. These management processes need to be well communicated to all involved so that each person can understand their role and responsibilities – minimising the opportunity for important tasks to fall through the cracks.

The RSVP Agency has designed an online system to manage the entire RSVP process so that corporate event planners are 100% freed up to focus on guests’ event experiences

In answer to corporate event planners’ automation needs, The RSVP Agency has developed a professional Event Management Software solution that handles all the complexities of the corporate event RSVP process. Our system manages online invitations and RSVPs, on-site registrations at events and live reporting on guest attendance and their preferences.     

Customised form fields: When it comes to corporate conferences and seminars, customisable form fields and workflows allow invited guests to select their preferred accommodation packages, which includes their choice of hotel from a predetermined selection and whether they would like to stay in a single room or share with another guest. They can also request airport transfers – all done online, while following prompts included in emails and correspondence. These features are unique to our Event Management Software solution.

Automated data capturing: If guests request to share a room with another guest they can send an automated invitation to this individual for their response (see image below). Responses are automatically captured into the backend of our system so that event planners don’t have to manually keep track of these themselves.

Our Event Management Software solution automates email reminders to guests to pay their event fees and confirm their attendance at your event

The RSVP Agency’s Event Management Software captures guests’ billing details so that payments for accommodation, airport transfers and conference fees can be done online. Online payments are made secure through our use of Pay U – an online payment provider that secures payments through their double firewall and use of SSL encryption, 3D Secure, and fraud detection software.

Email confirmations are sent to conference guests throughout this entire process so that they can keep track and have proof of their registration and payment process.  

Our RSVP software for events automates manual tasks, reduces staffing needs, helps event managers with accurate reporting of data and saves time and money.

For more information, feel free to contact us at any time or download our event technology guide to learn more about the many benefits of using professional Event Management Software solutions.

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