4 Key Considerations For Your Event Planning Checklist

What maps are to travellers, event planning checklists are to a corporate event planner. Checklists point event planners and their teams in the right direction and help them know what to plan for, and by when they need to have planned it, so that everyone involved can reach their journey’s end feeling proud at having pulled off another top notch event.

If your event planning checklist is regularly updated, it should already contain a wealth of wisdom and practical experience that you have garnered over the years. That being said, the following are some considerations that may be new to you, so do listen up:

Are you ensuring that your event’s are green enough?

‘Greening’ your event is now quite a thing – did you know? ‘Going green’ refers to intentionally reducing the size of your event’s waste and carbon footprint. This can be done by selecting vendors and venues that are concerned with environmental sustainability. Choosing caterers who use organic or Fairtrade produce, for example, can help green your event. Digitising processes is another way to go green, as this reduces the amount of paper and resources wasted by using conventional processes. For more statistics on why there is such a push for greener events these days, have a look at this infographic by the Event Manager Blog.

Do your events have a clear and strategic purpose?

Do you know the end game? You need to add a few key questions to your event planning checklist to help you define your event’s purpose. We found these handy prompts on how to review a conference’s purpose in a Velvet Chainsaw Consulting blog. They suggest that you ask:

  •  What strategic business objectives does your event support?
  • Are you running the event to make a profit, rally investors or increase brand awareness and acceptance?
  • How much networking and engagement does your event need to facilitate?

Are you in touch with what your data is actually telling you?

According to another Velvet Chainsaw blog, you don’t just want to hone in on event data that makes you feel good. Instead of focusing on how many people attended your last corporate event, for example, look at who attended and to what extent participants have actually engaged with your brand after your event. This is the kind of data that will help you tailor-make your next event to achieve your business’ strategic objectives.

Have you paid attention to all the types of experiences that your event might offer your guests?

You need to give consideration to how guests will experience your event and brand from the moment they receive their Save The Dates and invitations, right through to their experience of your event’s registration and follow up processes.

Email invitation software is a great solution for automating and professionalising your event’s invitation and RSVP process to ensure a positive experience overall for your guests.

Because security and safety are another key factor to be included on your event planning checklist, we have developed a checklist to help you remember the steps needed for ensuring a risk-free environment for your event. Download our Event Compliance Checklist for more information.

Image Credit: cdn2.hubspot.net