5 ways to make your golf day memorable

Hosting a golf day is one of the most popular corporate events, and can feel “done” because of this. If you’re faced with organising yet another golf day, we’ve got some golf day ideas as to how you can make sure it’s a memorable event for your guests.

1.Hire a golf simulator

This is a great way to allow guests who are not currently on the golf course to partake in the event. You can even move it between regions (if you’re a national company), and use it to run a competition between the various branches. This will not only encourage those averse to spending time on the green to join in the fun, it’ll act as an ice-breaker amongst your four ball teams. You could even compare how your “virtual score” competed against the real scores of the players at the event.

2.Give away a big ticket item

No one wants to win a branded pen or second-rate bottle of whiskey. Create some excitement with something that people actualy want to win – think a car or even a boat. Before you shake your head and mutter “budget restraints”, we’ll let you in on a secret. By taking out promotional or prize insurance, you’ll be able to relax, knowing that should someone actually win the prize – you’re covered. These insurance policies ensure that the chances of someone winning the prize are slim, while adding weight to your event without the risk. Out of all the golf day ideas, this one certainly spikes attendance.

3. Conduct swing analyses

This is quite a common practice at most golf days, but it’s a popular choice from the list of golf day ideas because it makes your guests’ experience personal. Have a “swing analysis” station set up, where each person’s swing will be videoed. After the event, send everyone their analysis with recommendations on how they can improve their swing. This will appeal to amateur and seasoned golfers alike, and is a great way to add value to people’s experience of your brand too.

4. Include partners on the day

Every golf day ends with a function consisting of a prize giving, dinner, and often some sort of entertainment like a comedian or celebrity speaker. But to make your golf day stands out, allow your golfers to invite their partners. Gift the partners with a goodie-bag or personalised gift. Or, a unique golf day idea is to hold your golf day at a course that has a spa on site, so while the men are playing golf, the ladies can enjoy a complimentary spa treatment.

5. The all-important invitation

Use your invitation to your golf day as a way to make a lasting first impression. Consider making an interactive online invitation that gives guests a taste of what to expect on the day. You could incorporate a link to Youtube which contains a short video clip of your CMO personally inviting them while teeing off. Whatever you decide to do for your invite, create something that cuts through the clutter of generic electronic invitations. This is one of the most easily implemented golf day ideas, but if done well, it can position your brand as innovative and professional.

 Image: One Antrim