Beat the clock with our corporate event management software

No matter how good of an event planner you are, there’s one saboteur you’ll always be up against: time. Racing against the clock as you attempt to cross everything off a lengthy to-do list can send even the most seasoned event planner spinning in circles.

This constant battle against the clock inspired the way we created our corporate event management software solution.

Our all-encompassing corporate event management software is built to help you tackle all aspects of your event – with time to spare.

Spend less time chasing down wayward invitees

We know a thing or two about email invitation delivery, thanks to the fact that we’ve sent hundreds of thousands of invitations on behalf of clients all over the world. Our extensive experience has enabled us to perfect the practice and achieve an open rate of 42.7% (compared to the global average open rate of just 19.7%.) Our ERM™ solution makes use of a cloud-based, secure server which whitelists address books before you hit “send”. The result: you spend less time chasing after RSVPs.

Spend less time finding the right attendees to invite

Built to collect data from multiple sources throughout the RSVP and event management process, our ERM™ solution gathers and collates information about your guests – presenting you with rich profiles of each of your attendees. The result: you know who to woo, and who to leave off the guest list.

Save time gauging attendee sentiment

Your guests have the final say as to whether your event hit the right note, which is why we’ve created an easy way for you to gather attendee feedback. Post event surveys – served via mobile or email – enable you to poll guests on their experience, moments after the fact. The result: You have timely feedback as to how your event was perceived.

Save time analysing event ROI

Measuring the success of a corporate event can be tricky, and with a substantial budget on the line, you need to know just how effective your events are at achieving your brand objectives. Our ERM™ platform features sophisticated reporting tools to simplify an often onerous task and give you a clear idea of budget allocation, overheads, and ultimately, ROI.

Say goodbye to relying on multiple applications

Having twenty different tabs open at any given time is a drag, often resulting in confusion and a strong urge to curse the gods of technology. What’s worse, multi-tasking across several programs means that gremlins have multiple windows to creep into the mix. Our ERM™ solution collates all event data in one central repository, eradicating the need to manage multiple applications. Updated in real time and built to allow multiple users you don’t have to worry about duplicate data ever again. The result: you save time that would otherwise be spent trying to recover lost documents or sorting through multiple conflicting spreadsheets.  

Our event management software is so much more than a RSVP system: it’s an all-encompassing Event Relationship Management solution.

Set your next event up for success by downloading our brochure to learn more about how our ERM™ software can save you time and elevate your corporate events.