The best of corporate entertainment – SA’s top corporate speakers

Corporate entertainment plays a crucial role in conveying your brand’s message. In fact, your choice of speaker or MC can make or break your event. While being aware of this is one thing, finding an individual you can entrust with this weighty task is another matter entirely. This article from Event Stuff , talks about just that and lists the top ten corporate speakers in South Africa. As Paul McConnon of Unique Speaker Bureau so aptly puts it: “It’s a hard-learned reality that the right speaker will provide the impetus for action, be the catalyst for change and motivator for progress.”

Your corporate entertainment has to match your event, in terms of marketing objectives, tone, the demographics of your guests, and creative execution.

When you add a detailed event brief into the mix, as well as budgetary restraints, you’ve got yourself a challenge. Luckily, there are some ways to make choosing the right corporate entertainment easier. One of which is to work with a company who specialises in finding the right speaker for your brand. A thorough understanding of marketing objectives, coupled with an extensive list of professionals who’ve earned their stripes in the corporate entertainment arena, make finding the perfect corporate entertainment or speaker that much easier than if you were to tackle this challenge on your own.

Regardless of whether you use a speaker bureau to find your corporate entertainment match or not, there are a few essential qualities that your corporate speaker has to have.

All of the speakers listed in the article above are considered to be corporate heavyweights. They’ve spoken at major events for leading brands – for good reason. While a charismatic personality helps, it’s crucial that the individual you’ve chosen for your corporate entertainment is knowledgeable and experienced in their subject matter. The speakers listed aren’t merely great communicators, they’re also respected authorities in subjects including marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship and South African politics. Their accolades are numerous, and include penning best sellers, formidable career success and thought-leader status.

While accreditations differ, what all of the top ten most popular speakers have in common is an ability to command their audience. Essentially, they’re catalysts who’re able to continually inspire, motivate and inform guests.

Ultimately, your choice of corporate entertainment or speaker should serve as a bridge between your guests and your brand. Conveying a convincing message – whatever it may be – relies on creating a personal connection between your guests and your brand offering. It’s far easier to relay the tone and personality of a company when it’s done via a speaker who’s able to command respect and entertain your guests.

Image credit – 51 Ideas