Brag rights No.2: Why our clients choose our event registration software

Momentum-Wealth-event-registration-software.jpgDenise Pillay works as the Events and Sponsorship Manager at one of South Africa’s leading financial services companies,Momentum. She recently used The RSVP Agency’s Event Registration Software to help her organise a product launch for brokers and some of Momentum’s internal and more key clients.

Denise had the following to say about her professional experience with our online RSVP and Event Registration product.

What did you enjoy the most about organising this particular product launch?

The event’s concept and theme was brought to life by using various channels of engagement. These included the event invitation, registration process, audio-visual elements used at the event, and the overall flow of the day.

How did you promote and market your event?

We hosted a press conference and invited industry journalists to the event to position our product to them. This was then conveyed via their digital and print channels.

Did you design your own electronic invitations or did The RSVP Agency’s in-house designer assist you?

Our internal design team is normally responsible for the design of our event invites.

How did our Event Registration Software assist you with organising the launch?

It helped in providing input and suggestions in terms of how I wanted the onsite process to be handled. I am on site at our events to assist with any issues that may crop up; I am very involved in making sure that the process runs smoothly.

What are some of the functions that you most appreciated about The RSVP Event Registration Software?

I appreciated that the product was user-friendly and that it allowed us to manage the invitation process without having to wait for someone to assist us. I also enjoyed the various built-in functionalities that helped me facilitate the entire process. The availability and willingness of the RSVP project management team was also appreciated.

What advice would you give other event’s organisers wanting to use The RSVP Agency Event Registration Software?

It’s a brilliant invitation tool. I would highly recommend this software if you need invitations for small, medium or large corporate events. The invitation looked great; it was professional and well received by many of our clients. The back-end of the tool is simple to understand and navigate when you need to make relevant changes and manage your responses.

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