What you can learn about event entertainment from the World Cup’s opening ceremony mistakes

You’ve spent hours agonising over your event décor, catering, guest list, venue and choice of entertainment. Just when you think everything is going according to plan, your PA system bombs out, leaving you with a ballroom full of guests, and the sound of cutlery meeting crockery. A dire situation, if there ever was one.

Event entertainment calamities happen to the best of event planners – as was recently demonstrated at Brazil’s less than stellar World Cup opening ceremony. With hiccups that included lacklustre sound and a questionable choice of performers – not to mention the fact that the whole thing was over in 30 minutes – viewers the world over were left unimpressed.  Fear not – we’ve compiled a list of lessons that event planners can learn from event entertainment gone wrong.

Lesson 1: Have back-up systems in place.

This includes power supplies (a generator is crucial, given the recent spate of power-cuts), sound system, lighting, and the like. You may want to have a Plan B for your event entertainment too – the last thing you want is your band cancelling at the last minute after missing their flight. This lesson applies to every single element of your event, from staffing to your event-registration. Don’t be left red-faced after having to explain to your client that their guests never got to hear a VIP speaker after your speakers blew.

Lesson 2: Rehearsals prior to your event are crucial.

Whether you’re using live event entertainment, a DJ, or background music, make sure you have a dress-rehearsal in order to avoid disappointed guests.

Lesson 3: Ensure your event entertainment accurately conveys the essence of your brand.

An event is essentially a chance for a brand to engage its clients, encourage brand advocacy and at the end of the day, see return from your investment. If you hire a performer who’s controversial or amateur for an event attended by major stakeholders, you’re negatively affecting the hard-earned reputation of the company. After thousands of fans were left bewildered by Brazil’s choice of performers, they immediately questioned the expertise of the country’s World Cup planning committee. Make sure that your event entertainment showcases your brand in a positive and professional light.

Lesson 4: Less is more – a big budget doesn’t mean that your event entertainment will be a hit.

As (unfortunately) demonstrated by Brazil, bigger isn’t always better. Your event entertainment doesn’t need to cost a considerable amount of money. Regardless of the type of the event, professionalism and relevancy trump ostentatious displays. If you’ve been allocated a substantial budget for your event entertainment, make sure you set a portion aside for your entertainment plan b, and all that it entails.

Lesson 5: The ubiquity of social media means that your brand is under more scrutiny than ever before.

Minutes after the opening ceremony kicked off, disappointed viewers took to Twitter and Facebook to vent. Having your guests wax lyrical about disastrous event entertainment (or catering, venue, service, etc.) needs to be avoided at all costs. The nature of social media means that people are frequently exposed to things they wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. Don’t put your client’s reputation on the line by failing to adequately organise and manage their event.

Lesson 6: A well-run event relies on knowing what elements to outsource.

No one is super-human (even top corporate event planners). If you want to ensure that every single aspect of your event runs according to plan, you’ll need to make sure that your time is devoted to the logistics of the event. If you’re trying to manage your guest lists, RSVP process, event registration as well as your suppliers and staff, you’re bound to run into trouble. The best event planners are smart about how they conduct their event planning. By outsourcing administrative tasks that require time and adequate attention to detail, they can free their time up to focus on dealing with everything else. Make sure you’re making the process as easy as possible by using a professional RSVP agency who’ll handle your guest lists and RSVP process on your behalf.

It’s imperative that every single element is handled by professionals. Make sure that you can devote the necessary attention to your event entertainment by making use of an expert guest list management service who’ll ensure the task is professionally and efficiently executed.

Image Credit: ufo-blogger