Why you can’t afford to ignore event automation

What defines the success of an event? A jaw-dropping venue? The latest string quartet? A Michelin starred chef? While these aspect are important, having the right guests at your event is the sign of success. After all, if the right people don’t show, the entire point of your event is moot. This is where event automation comes in.

Many people mistakenly think of event automation as a ‘nice to have, non-essential’ that at best, cuts down on paperwork.

While event automation does indeed eradicate the need for reams and reams of guest lists and invitations that require manual management, it’s also your ticket to a successful event. Software that streamlines the entire RSVP process, and ensures that your invites land in the right inboxes is the secret weapon of event planners who’re lauded for the ability at fulfilling attendance requirements.

Event automation essentially does all of the hard work for you – leaving you time to focus on the actual planning and execution of the event.

Event Management Software takes care of the laborious (and oft-frustrating task) of sending out your invitations, saving the RSVPs, reminding guests of the event via an iCal integration, and rolling out the all-important post-event survey. Leaving all of this to your staff is inefficient – the RSVP process alone takes hundreds of working hours; event automation tools, however, take care of these processes without you having to shed any blood, sweat or tears.

Event automation does what you can’t – manage, collect and store essential information that’s crucial for your brand.

Having your guests fill out questionnaires placed at their table is outdated and inefficient. An automated RSVP system manages every single piece of information for you. From the names of your guests, their travel information, food and beverage preferences, preferred accommodation, and everything else you need to know in order to give them an event that really impresses. It’s impossible to collect and then store all of this data the old-fashioned way, which is why event automation is crucial. What’s more, the right kind of event automation tool collates and then stores this information for future use. Think of it as your fairy godmother of event planning.

In a cut-throat economy, brands have to clearly demonstrate their superiority – by using the latest technology.

Providing guests with a seamless event experience is crucial. Your task is to gift your guests with an event that’s specifically tailored to their unique requirements and preferences – as well as to convey the fact that your brand is future-facing. The answer? Event automation. From a hassle-free event check in, to invites in the form of QR codes, to personal touches that are only possible with insight garnered by the data collection ability of an automated RSVP system.

Our Event Management Software offers a stress-free, all-encompassing ability to streamline the entire RSVP experience. Interested? Download The Practical Guide to RSVP to learn more about planning and managing world-class events.

Image Credit: information-age.com