Corporate event planning software for top event professionals

pexels-photo-rsvp-event.jpgWhy do event managers at big corporates, like Momentum, and boutique events management companies, like Lucky No.8, prefer to use our corporate event planning software for their events? We believe it’s because our carefully designed software solution provides top event planners with a single platform from which they can execute and track many of their core event planning activities.

What would an event be without the right guests?

We make the design and distribution of event invitations as simple and easy a process as possible; our corporate event planning software allows event professionals to automate the distribution of their professionally designed event invitations. In this way, event planners ensure that the right people receive their invitations – at the right time.

Once invitations have been sent, our software allows event planners to track their guests’ invitation declines or accepts, as well as email invitation bounce rates, and ‘out of office’ notifications. Event planners can access the backend of RSVP software to see these accept and declines and affect their own call downs to ensure that no guest can slip through the cracks. Consultants who make these calls are well briefed on all your event’s details and capture additional information learned from guests during these calls to ensure that your database up to date.

According to Momentum’s Events and Sponsorship Manager, Denise Pillay, “the back-end of the tool is simple to understand and navigate when you need to make relevant changes and manage your responses”.

What would an event be without up-to-date guest data?

Event planners can use our corporate event planning software to collect crucial information from their invited guests prior to their event. This includes each guest’s unique accommodation, travel and catering needs. Our system can also be used to send guests surveys for the collection of additional data.

Automated emails walk guests through the registration process and prompt them to book their accommodation, capture their travel details and pay for the event, where necessary, using their prefered means of payment. Once this information is securely captured and stored in our database, selected travel agents are able to access this data to book flights for guests and organise their car rentals or airport transfers.

For Lebo Motswenyane, the Managing Director of Lucky No.8, this meant she was able to organise guests travelling from six different continents to attend the 2016 AfroCentric Achiever Awards. Lebo shared with us that, for her, the tracking of guest responses and our additional survey option was one of the key features of our corporate event planning software.

What would an event be without automated reporting?

We know that event planners need to have access to real-time figures. This is why we provide a custom-built and automated reporting structure that can be formated to each client’s needs. Our clients can specify how often they want their status reports spooled and sent to them, and what information they want reporting on.

What would a software product be without the necessary support?

The RSVP Agency’s project management team has been described as friendly, available and willing. We help you communicate key information to your guests and our professional team of hosts and hostesses help you with the hosting of your event and the handling of your event’s registration process.

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