Corporate event planning tips from the Easter Bunny

1. Always deliver on your promises.

There’s nothing more disappointing than waking up on Easter morning only to find that the Easter Bunny was frugal with his gifts. A lone Easter egg makes for a dismal discovery if you’ve been expecting a garden bursting with chocolate goodies.

The same can be said for your corporate events. After building expectation around a corporate event, make sure that the actual experience lives up to its promise. If you’ve promised a world-class, exclusive event but aren’t able to deliver this to your guests, you’ll end up with not only disappointed guests, but cast your brand in a negative light too.

2. Everyone wants to find unexpected gems of delight.

Part of the excitement of Easter morning is collecting a basket full of different Easter eggs, especially if they’ve been hidden in surprising places.

By incorporating a variety of touch points that surprise and delight guests, you’re able to facilitate an experience that doesn’t merely meet expectations, but exceeds them. Make sure that you’re constantly upping the bar so that by the time an event has ended, your guests are left with a long-lasting, positive impression and appreciation of your brand.

3. Give your guests what they want, not what you think they should want.

If the Easter Bunny hid lumps of coal, or plates of brussel sprouts, his popularity would have waned a long time ago. Because he knows that the way to a child’s heart is to gift them with rainbow-coloured, shiny gems of chocolate, that’s exactly what he gives them.

Don’t create an event that your guests don’t want to attend. Remember that the objective of running a corporate event is to create an enjoyable, memorable experience that will hopefully result in ROI and increased brand advocacy. Make sure that you’re giving your guests an experience that caters to their specific tastes.

4. An experience that engages all five senses is one that’s memorable.

If there’s one thing that the Easter Bunny knows about, it’s how to create an experience that engages all five senses. Exploring a dew-covered garden in the cool of the early morning, uncovering foil-wrapped sugary treats is an all-encompassing sensory experience.

Don’t rely on one aspect of your event to delight your guests. Instead, make use of aspects that incorporate sight, smell, sound, taste and touch. Sensory experiences are the most effective way of creating an emotive experience. By satisfying all five of these, you’ll leave you guests with a memorable impression that casts your brand in a favourable light.

5. Remember that your guests are individuals, with different interests and preferences.

The Easter Bunny knows to leave only marshmallow eggs at the house of a teething two year old, and lactose-free candy eggs for a lactose intolerant toddler at another. Everyone has different tastes and requirements, and the Easter Bunny knows what has one child squealing with delight, will have another bursting into tears. Your event needs to cater to the individual preferences of your guests.

The more you know about what they like, the easier it is to create an event that resonates. While we can’t give you access to the Easter Bunny’s telepathic tools, we can offer you another useful way of collecting and storing information, in the form of our event management software. You’ll be able to collect a wide array of information about your guests, and use this to gift them with events that they want to attend. Find out more about our event management software, here.

Image credit – Rant Chic