Crucial considerations for corporate branding at events

Your event is your brand personified. It’s the perfect chance for your brand to develop from a collection of images and associated adjectives in the minds of your attendees to a three-dimensional, dynamic entity that’ll create a lasting relationship with them. Meeting a person face-to-face has far more meaning and impact than simply chatting over email. The same applies to corporate branding. But getting corporate branding right requires intricate attention to detail, knowing what your guests are all about and having a clear idea of your brand’s marketing objectives.

Each and every touch point at your event matters for your corporate branding

Your event’s touch points are every juncture at which your guests interact with your brand – offline andonline. The first contact they might have with your brand is through your Facebook page; the next might be the invitation that gets sent to them by email. It also includes the welcome desk at your event, signage, entertainment, the conversations your guests have with your staff and even the thank you note you send out to them once the event is over. You must identify all touch points and make sure you design them in a way that matches your corporate branding, as well as the way you want your guests to feel about your brand.

Give your guests an unforgettable experience that money can’t buy

So you’ve identified and designed the touch points of your event. Next, consider the overall experience: do your touch points work well together as a whole to create an experience that’s going to be memorable and in alignment with your corporate branding? That’s not to say you need a massive budget for extravagant entertainment and the most expensive wine. Even the smallest touch like photo booths, phone charging stations and a competition create chances for people to interact with and get to know your brand. Remember, the emotional aspect of your event is one of the most effective ways to create brand loyalty.

Experience is nothing without efficiency

The experience you provide your guests might be one of the most important aspects of corporate branding at events, but none of this can come together without efficiency: think, short queue times, clearly signposted areas, an information hub and programmed events starting at the time they’re scheduled for. Without efficiency, the experience of the event will be disrupted. Not only that, but it will make your attendees think your brand is inefficient and unprofessional too.

Events are now all about the guests and less about the brand

The only way you’ll create an event that resonates emotionally with your guests is by getting to know what makes them tick. Without this information, you’re essentially planning your event blind and leaving this important process down to guesswork. This is where technology has facilitated the creation of events that are personalised and offer guests an experience they would never have had, had it not been for the event planner using Event Management Software. The power balance between marketer and customer has shifted from it being all about the brand, to it now being all about the customer. The same mindset must be applied to your event.

Make sure you integrate all social media platforms with your event and branding

Getting your guests to feel a certain way about your brand starts and continues on social media platforms. These platforms have made it possible for brands to be in constant contact with their customers – even whilst they’re at the event. It’s therefore vital that you made sure these platforms are integrated, that the right brand messages are sent out across each channel and that none of these messages are conflicting. Creating an event-specific hashtag for Twitter and Facebook is a great way to pool together the conversation around your event.

Event Management Software helps you plan an event that will successfully convey your corporate branding and marketing messages. Download our Practical Guide to Professional RSVP for more insights on planning an event that genuinely resonates with your guests.

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