Crucial considerations for guest list management of high-profile clients

Professional guest list management of high-profile clients entails the right software, attention to detail and preparing for any eventuality. VIPs come with their own set of challenges. The management of high-profile guests like government representatives, celebrities and the like needs to be handled with care and the utmost of discretion. If you’re tasked with handling VIPs, you’ll need to equip yourself with a water-tight plan.

1.Make sure you’re using proper software from the get-go.

Using professional guest list management software will enable you to keep track of your VIPs during each stage of the event. You’ll be able to have multiple guest-lists too, eradicating the possibility of your VIPs getting mixed up with staff.. Importantly, you’ll also be able to send tailored invitations to your VIP guests – with unique wording and art work.  You’ll be informed – in real-time – when they accept your invitation, check-in to an event and respond to your post-event survey.

Being equipped with this information means that you’re always able to be one-step ahead – making it far easier to provide your VIPs with a streamlined, professionally executed event experience.

2. Factor entourages into account.

VIPs are always accompanied by a team of people including security, personal assistants, etc. You’ll need to establish who will be accompanying your VIPs in order to ensure that they have access.

You need to find out who accompanies your VIP and make sure that their entourage and security have complete access. It’s advisable to forward on your VIP’s invitation to their PA, who’ll be able to give you information about and guidance pertaining to the handling of any individuals who’ll be accompanying them.

3.Your VIP guests need to feel important throughout.

If you’re managing an event that has a considerable guest list comprising of VIPs and non-VIPs, it’s essential that there are areas that are exclusively for VIPs only. They’ll need a separate entrance, registration area and seating. Upon arrival, they need to be registered or checked-in immediately. Making a high-profile guest or major stakeholder wait in a queue casts your brand in a negative light.

Your guest list management of these VIPs needs to be professional and streamlined throughout, in order to ensure that these guests leave with the best possible impression of your event.

4. All event staff need to be aware of VIPs.

Before an event kicks off, all event personnel need to be informed about the VIPs in attendance. This is incredibly important, as it’s pointless if your high-profile guests are professionally welcomed, only to be made to wait in a queue for their welcome drinks.

5. Ensure that VIP areas are secure.

It’s pointless having designated VIP areas, only to have them infiltrated by other guests. Prominent guests require water-tight access control in order to avoid their safety being compromised. Luckily, the days of putting your event’s security in the hands of burly bouncers are long gone.

Access control software that makes use of unique QR codes is optimal when tasked with the guest list management of VIPs. This sophisticated app stores every pertinent piece of information about a guest in their designated code. When a guest checks in, staff will immediately be notified as to the area the guest is allowed to access, as well as any other data pertinent to that individual.

Our Quantum QR App allows you to professionally manage the registration of your VIPs. If you’d like to find out how this can benefit your brand, please give us a call, or drop us an email.

Image Credit: Sterling Club Connnect