The Difference Between RSVP Management And Party Invitation Management

Google ‘RSVP Management’ and ‘Party Invitation Management’ and the results are almost identical. While the world’s most popular search engine seems to think these two terms are interchangeable, I’m here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. But why all the fuss about making the distinction between the two clear? Why is this so important that we’ve dedicated an entire blog to the subject?

Because if you’re investing a substantial amount of money into a corporate event, you need to make sure your RSVP solution ticks all the boxes – and then some.

Corporates designate eye-watering sums towards their events, for good reason. Events are a chance to attract the right customers, increase brand exposure, and hopefully, ROI. As such, your RSVP management has to be slick, streamlined and rendered by professionals.

You’d never hire an amateur chef to cater for your event, so why settle on an RSVP solution that leaves plenty of room for error?

Party invitation management does the job – but only if you’re planning your niece’s sweet 16th or a school reunion. They provide you with a generic template that’s customisable to some degree, often for free. Which is great if your event is nothing more than a celebration. But if you’ve got the reputation of a brand riding on your next event, opting for any old e-invitation solution can see your event go up in flames.

Not convinced?

Here are the crucial differences between professional RSVP Management and party invitation management:

RSVP management offers you an end-to-end solution. From the very first save-the-date to a post-event report. RSVP management ensures you’re not spamming guests (and turning them permanently off your brand) thanks to the meticulous cleaning of databases (crucial in light of increasingly strict privacy and anti-spam laws like POPI).

RSVP Management includes the creation of bespoke, branded event invitations that cast your event in a professional light.

RSVP Management enables you to customise invitation form fields, post-event surveys to collect guest data to better inform all subsequent events and marketing activities.

RSVP Management ensures your entire event is meticulously orchestrated: from the discreet management of VIPs to the streamlined check-in of guests, to increased security thanks to the use of QR codes that contain relevant guest information.

RSVP Management puts your guests front and centre at your event. Thanks to the fact that you can collect a wide array of data about your guests – from demographic data to granular information like their preferred thread count or nightcap.

Planning and running a world-class corporate event requires professional solutions that take care of the details. Our RSVP management solution does just that. Designed by event planners, for event planners, we help leading brands to successfully manage their RSVP process, delighting guests and increasing event ROI.

To find out more about how our superior RSVP management solution can take your next corporate event to new heights, download our brochure.