Don’t forget the sugar! Sweeten client relationships using Event Management Software

best_event_management_software.jpgWe all know that nobody bothers with something if it isn’t broken. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, is the popular adage. If a system, product or device runs smoothly, we barely notice how efficient it is or how much easier or more productive it’s making our lives. But have it fall over, break down, or fail to do what it’s meant to do, and – lo and behold – eyebrows will start furrowing, grumbles and complaints will be heard in the air, and a speedy solution will need to be found ASAP, otherwise somebody’s head is bound to roll.

It’s the same with running a corporate event. Guest who enjoy and appreciate the smooth organising of one of your product launches, golf days or business seminars, probably do so without a thought as to what is going on in the background. But just have that one delay, technical error, catering mess-up or venue glitch creep in, and your happiest guest can easily sour.

One way to prevent guests from walking away from an event with a bad taste in their mouths is to sweeten the process with Event Management Software.

Our product offering: slick invitations, easy RSVP processes, and seamless on-the-day registration capabilities

At The RSVP Agency, we understand that it’s important that your guests have a positive experience at every touch point in your events planning and delivery process. This is often achieved through process automation, which reduces the chance of human error and allows for the pre-planning and setup of much of your event management processes.

Guests don’t enjoy feeling spammed, for example, so your email invitations and follow-up communications need to be delivered to their email inboxes, at appropriate intervals, looking slick and professional. At The RSVP Agency, we offer professionally crafted designs for email invitations and online RSVP pages. Email invitations are sent to guests on your guest list via our automated email invitation software. Our Event Management Software cleans your guest list of any duplicates or errors, so that no guest is emailed twice and your email invitation bounce rates are greatly reduced.

What’s more, our Event Management Software can track which of your guests have indicated they will be attending your event, and which guests need to be followed up for a response – keeping your guest list updated in real time.

Being able to reply to your email invitation is as simple as a mouse click

The RSVP Agency’s Event Management Software is perfect for corporate event planners and their busy event attendees. Guests who want to confirm or decline their attendance simply need to click on an ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ button in their email invitation. Our online invitation management system then reminds confirmed guests of your event via SMS. Confirmed guests further receive an iCal calendar reminder that integrates with their local calendar software so that your event can’t slip their minds.

The on-the-day event registration process is also simplified with our Event Management Software. Registration at an event is necessary for security access control and tracking guest’s attendance. The RSVP Agency’s product allows you to easily register your guests on the day using an unique QR code issued to each guest prior to the event. Guests can register themselves using our our RSVP iPad application.

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