The do’s and dont’s of QR codes for events

Earlier this week, we discussed the basics of QR codes at events. (If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, you can find it here.) Like any new technology, the successful use of QR codes relies on a few basic do’s and dont’s. To make sure that QR codes genuinely amplify your guest’s experience – and streamline that of your event managers to boot – we’ve compiled the most pertinent points to bear in mind:

Don’t use QR codes just because everyone else is

Before investing time and money into this event add-on, make sure you know how they’ll add to your guests’ experience. In the same vein, be clear on what you want them to achieve. Then ensure that your objectives can be met via QR codes. For example, if you want to drive guests to visit your showroom after the event, a QR code with a discount or exclusive test-drive is a great incentive. But if you’re holding a bespoke corporate bush retreat where frazzled CEOs can disconnect, there’s little point in including QR codes in their welcome pack if they’re in the middle of nowhere.

Do link to a mobile-optimised site

QR codes are designed for smartphone use, so if you’re using a QR code to direct your guests to a website, it’s imperative that it’s mobile friendly. Directing attendees to a website that’s unresponsive and difficult to navigate via a mobile phone defeats the entire point of using QR codes: to elevate your guests’ experience.

Don’t assume guests will know what to do with their QR codes

While some of your guests will be familiar with the square-shaped barcode, many will not. As I like to say to my staff, “Assume nothing” – this applies to the use of QR codes at events too. A clear, compelling call to action is crucial here. This could be “Scan to gain entry to the event”, “Scan to access your event press pack”, or “Scan to unlock your unique discount code”. Whatever it is that lies behind the QR code, be unequivocally clear about it.

Don’t leave the venue’s wifi availability up to chance

Wifi connections usually come standard with corporate event venues, but as mentioned in the previous paragraph, presuming that there’s a robust network available is asking for trouble. Make sure that there’s enough bandwidth to handle the spike in wifi connections, that the network is secure, and lastly, that guests can connect easily.

Do test your QR codes beforehand

Just like you’d proofread and check your creative before sending it out to your entire guest list, check to see whether your QR codes are working as intended. Test scan them from a variety of smartphones too to ensure that any bugs are fixed before any invitations or event content goes live.

Don’t forgo event analytics

Besides bolstering the entire event experience, QR codes are also a simple, but powerful means to determine how guests interact with your event. By linking your event QR codes to the event’s website or a landing page, you’ll be able you to track how many people are actually using their QR codes, how many are perusing your site as a result, the times this traffic peaks and more.

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