Eight things your RSVP software should do

Choosing the right event software relies on knowing what you need. Before picking an option, make sure that your RSVP software contains the following functionality:

1. It is easy to use

The whole point of making use of RSVP software is to streamline the event planning process. If your software is difficult to navigate, with complicated dashboards and a confusing layout, you’ll spend more time having to figure out how to use the software than actually putting it to use.

2. Stores all data in a central place

Making use of event planning software that keeps every single piece of guest list information in one, easy-to-access place is crucial. If you’re having to waste precious time searching through numerous files or folders in order to find one phone number, you’re using the wrong RSVP software.

3. Hosted on a secure server

Being privy to confidential information like the contact details and demographics of your guests’ means that it’s your responsibility to ensure that this data remains secure. It’s a non-negotiable that your event planning software is hosted on a secure server in order to ensure that any information in your possession remains protected.

4. Uses a vetted email provider

Professional RSVP software should make use of a vetted email provider, for example, SendGrid. This will ensure that your online invitations land in the right inboxes – a crucial contributing factor in achieving optimal attendance rates.

5. Updates in real time

There’s little benefit in using RSVP software if you have to manually update delivery rates, acceptance rates and other guest list data. Making use of software that automatically does this – in real time – is crucial for an RSVP process that’s organised and streamlined.

6. Can be accessed remotely, by several members of staff

Your RSVP software needs to be accessible by various members of staff – whether in the office or on-site at an event. It’s useless using software that can only be accessed from one computer. Remote access to RSVP software makes a massive difference to your event planners’ ability to do their job efficiently.

7. Compiles detailed daily reports

It’s difficult to keep track of every single guest list if you’re juggling multiple events at once. Sophisticated RSVP software should send you daily reports of the latest guest list activity, which means that you won’t have to devote time to manually compiling them. This should include open rates, open and delivery times, acceptance rates, etc.

8. Enables you to update data onsite

RSVP software should allow you to make all-important changes to your guest list at the last minute. It should include functionality that enables you to add people who’ve declined but then arrive, guests who didn’t RSVP and then arrived, or guests who arrive with a different partner.

Superior guest list management software enables you to add and alter this information. What’s more, these updates will be included in an automatically generated report at the end of the day.

Our RSVP software does all of the above – and more. Equipping yourself with a tool that makes the guest list management process as easy and accurate as possible is crucial in order to run a successful event. Find out more about our RSVP software here.