Emerging technologies to try out at your next corporate event

Emerging-Technologies-and-industry-treands-in-Guest-list-management-softwareHaving automated your company event registration process with professional Event Registration Software, you should now have some free time to turn your attention to the more exciting ‘stuff’ of events management – like exploring what’s hot, and what’s not when it comes to emerging technologies. Better still, instead of merely catching up with industry trends, why not spend some time trying to discover the next ‘big thing’ in event tech and networking software as you dream a little about your upcoming event experience?

One way to become an industry trendsetter is to find yet-to-be-explored technologies to see how applicable they might be to the events management industry and its processes

Effective project management and team communication processes are crucial for pulling off successful events. There are many free online software solutions that you can use to automate and initiate event planning, delegate tasks, and track the project’s progress. The following are some emerging technologies to explore and consider:

Slack is a messaging app for team communication. Download it as a desktop, iOS or Android application and use it to create numerous channels for team conversations. It allows users to upload links and drag and drop files, documents, and images for sharing. Private channels can also be created in Slack for discussing more sensitive subjects. Multiple teams can also be run on your Slack account, making it ideal for overseeing several projects at a time.

While Slack can be used solely for your event management team communications, it could also be pushed as a communication channel for your upcoming events. Guests can be added to Slack channels for general chats with each other and to receive information from your side. Your event guests are bound to enjoy being introduced to a new communication tool like Slack.


Trello is a software product used for high-level planning. It runs on Android and iOS as an app, and is also web-based, making it ideal for access from just about any device. Trello uses a system of Trello ‘boards’ and ‘cards’ that can be used to set up specific lists of tasks, to which people or teams are then assigned. Progress for each task can be easily tracked, either by direct messaging or alerts within the card, or by moving cards along a specified project management path on a board.

Links can be added and images and files attached within Trello boards and cards to help an events management team with the easy sharing of resources.

Ongoing shifts in the types of event experiences being offered provide a great challenge for event managers to stay ahead of the curve

According to a recent Gartner blog, ambient user experiences are soon to be the next big thing in events. This relates to the use of the internet and emerging technologies, such as digital devices, to foster “close and constant social contact and communication”, says dictionary.com.

It’s the device mesh, also discussed in the Gartner blog, that is making this ambient user experience increasingly viable. This mesh consists of an “expanding set of endpoints”, which people are using both to interact with each other and access information and their applications. The idea is that, soon, our devices won’t operate in isolation of each other. Our mobile devices, wearables, home electronics and automotive devices will all eventually ‘speak’ to each other, making it possible for experiences to seamlessly flow across touch points, as the user moves along and changes environments, even.

How are you going to take advantage of emerging technologies to dream up fully immersive and ambient event experiences for your guests?

It’s up to event managers and their teams to figure out how to incorporate emerging technologies and concepts into their corporate event planning –  before the competition does it first. For more ideas on event technology to wow your guests, download our Event Technology 101 guide.

The guide will also give you an idea of some of the event technology essentials that you should already have in place – Guest List Management software, for example –  before introducing more of the up-and-coming tech into your event experiences.

Image credit: Techno Unlimited