The most essential metrics your invitation software needs to measure

By now, you’ll know that without sophisticated invitation software at your disposal, your events are at a disadvantage. Manually managing the RSVP process, as well as the inordinate amount of data generated pre, during and post your events is a recipe for disaster. Besides streamlining the entire RSVP process, invitation software that tracks and records information provides you with invaluable insight. There are several event metrics that you need to measure in order to piece an accurate picture of your event together. Before investing in invitation software, make sure that it can measure the following metrics:

 1. Delivery rate

This is one of the essential pieces of the event invitation puzzle. If you send out 100 invites and only five of them are delivered, something is amiss. You may have outdated email addresses or be using an image-heavy online invitation. Establishing your delivery rate is the best place to start when measuring the efficacy of your RSVP process.

2. Open rate

Knowing how many of your invites are actually read by their intended recipients gives you several clues about your email invitations. If your delivery rate is high, yet your open rate is inexplicably low, you need to relook at your subject line, or time of sending. We’re ambushed by emails on the daily, and read only a fraction of them. Make sure that your subject lines are as enticing as possible in order to increase the chances of them being read.

3. Time of opening

If most people open your invitation in the early morning, you’ll know to avoid sending them out later in the day. Pinpointing trends in opening times enables you to be strategic about when you send your invitations, and as a result, get the best response rate possible.

4. Acceptance and decline rates

This metric serves as the final piece of the puzzle. When combined with the above metrics, you’ll have more clarity about the reasons behind the success or failure of your RSVP process. While a high decline rate may boil down to plain bad luck, it could be a result of sending out your invitations at the wrong time, an uninspiring subject line, a poorly-designed invitation or a combination of these factors.

5. Personal details of guests

In order to gain proper insight into the way your guests respond to your invitations, you’ll need to be able to collect demographic data about them. Your invitation software should enable you to create unique form fields to gather information such as the name of a guest’s spouse, drink preference, travel details, preferred means of communicating – and a myriad of other details. By painting a detailed picture of your guests, you’re able to understand their behaviour, and then put this knowledge to work.

The more sophisticated your invitation software, the easier it is to plan and manage your events. Our Guest Concierge Management Software is an intelligent tool that collects and collates a whole host of essential data during the RSVP process. Drop us an email if you’d like to know more about how our invitation software can help you.

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