What Event Management Software can do for your brand

Despite the rigourous planning and stress that goes into planning successful events, events have the potential to be marketing gold. What could be more attractive to a marketer than tens to hundreds of potential customers in one space – and we’re not talking about cyber space.  Using Event Management Software can help you create and capitalise on this opportunity and boost your brand in the process.

Event Relationship Management: Putting your guests at the centre of your event

Forming those personalised connections with your invitees based on solid data is what we call Event Relationship Management at the RSVP Agency. It’s putting your guests at the centre of your event and creating experiences for them that’ll result in them being drawn to your brand – as opposed to creating an event, inviting people and then trying to force your brand on them. To draw people to your brand successfully you need to get into the minds of your guests prior to the event. This is where Event Management Software comes in. In addition to allowing you to gather key insights about your invitees, these are the features that will help boost your brand:

Professionally designed online invitations

Included in our corporate event planning software package are beautifully designed online invitations, crafted by designers and professional copywriters. Online invitations are an opportunity to convey your brand image and brand messages. It’s also the first touch point many guests have of the event and your brand. Our invitations can be viewed on all devices, so you don’t have to worry about whether some invitees will have trouble reading them.

Highest possible guest acceptance rate

RSVP’s corporate event planning software guarantees the highest guest acceptance rate. A well attended event is the only way to achieve the highest possible ROI and ensure that your brand messages reach your desired audience. Without Event Management Software you risk those invitations finding their way to your invitees’ junk mail folders.

Real-time updates on read and open rates

RSVP’s Event Management Software alerts you as soon as your invitees open and read their invitations. As a result, you don’t need to spend time manually managing guestlists. Armed with data about open and read rates, you’ll be able to adjust and hone your future marketing messages and event strategy to make them more relevant to guests, to increase read and open rates at future events.

On-site registration using innovative technology

Our on-site registration is carried out with iPads and makes use of QR codes to heavily cut down on queue times. The entrance of the venue is the first physical touch point your guests have with your event and, quite possibly, your brand. Event Management Software helps you create a striking first impression by ensuring entry is swift and efficient.

Post event SMS surveys sent out to your guests

Collecting data at the invitation stage is important to ensure that your upcoming event is as tailored to your guests as possible. Post event surveys enhance data you’ve already collected and will help your next events be yet more personalised and successful. Not only that, post event surveys are the perfect time to find out more about what makes your potential brand advocates tick.

An event that boosts your brand will be interactive, emotive, enriching and “guest-centric”. The only way to plan such an event is through the data collection made possible by Event Management Software. For more information about how you can incorprate events into your marketing strategy, download our Marketing Guide.

Image Credit: core0.staticworld.net