Event Management Software – the good, the bad and the ugly

If we likened an event organiser’s dream Event Management Software to a children’s fairy-tale character, then we would undoubtedly arrive at the textbook version of Prince Charming: Incredibly good looking, perfectly capable of saving the day at just the right time, willing to go the extra mile, and highly capable of executing his tasks and responsibilities with great flair and scrupulous perfectionism. ‘Ugly’ Event Management Software, on the other hand, is like an evil villain’s bumbling sidekick, while (very very) bad Events Management Software systems just give events management a bad name. Like Cinderella’s evil step mother (who has forever tarnished the reputation of all step mothers for all time), bad software systems attempt to look good on the outside, but are such rotten apples that it’s best you just avoid them like the plague.

RSVP Agency combines Prince Charming’s flair and perfectionism with Iron Man’s tech skills to bring you one of the best Event Management Software solutions on the market  

We have blended our extensive events management experience with our tech team’s software development skills to produce a first-rate Event Management tool. Our software has many perks: 

  • It updates in real-time, which is crucial for when numerous people are accessing and working on multiple guest lists at the same time. This feature reduces the potential for capturing duplicate or incorrect information.
  •  It’s cloud-based, which means that you can work on it wherever you are – whether in the office, on site, or at home. This means you can access all the information you need as you need it.
  • It makes use of a white-listing provider to ensure that your online invitations are successfully delivered and not marked as spam. This is a unique RSVP Event Management Software feature.
  •  It’s designed for event planners by event planners. This is a major plus as many event management software systems are complicated to use. Our Event Management Software was built according to our extensive industry experience as an answer  to the common pain points associated with managing RSVPs and guest lists.
  • It facilitates on-site registration, so cuts down on needless queues and associated frustration. The software can be run from a portable iPad and allows guests to ‘self-check in’ on arrival.
  • It makes use of Quick Response (QR) codes. This great feature means that you can send each guest a personalised QR code to act as their private access card. A VIP’s QR code, for example, can contain unique information pertaining to that guest exclusively. Information stored on a QR code can include the areas that VIPs can access, their designated parking bay(s), dietary requirements and the order of events for the day.
  • It has a handy data-collecting function. One of the most valuable functions of any marketing event is to use it to learn more about your guests. Customised form fields in our invitations and post event surveys enable you to gain in-depth insight into the people who attend your event. This makes it that much easier to build an event experience (and any subsequent marketing campaigns and products) that resonate with your guests.

Take a minute or two to browse through our brochure to find out more about our unique Event Management Software.


Image Credit: byway