Event management software is your ticket to consumer insight

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The guests you invite to your corporate events are individuals valued by your brand – they’re either VIPs, brand advocates or potential brand advocates. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to plan an event that they love. In addition, the more info you have about them, the easier it’ll be to plan marketing campaigns and strategies that resonate and engage.

How to do this? With ERM™ (Event Relationship Management) software.

We wrote about using ERM™ to your brand’s advantage here. ERM™, or Event Relationship Management, is the practice of using data that you’ve collected about your guests, to create events, marketing campaigns and brand offerings that are in line with the specific demographics of your target market. Successful ERM relies on the use of sophisticated event management software. Without an intelligent tool at your disposal, collecting, storing and analysing this invaluable data can be incredibly difficult.

Here’s how events management software enables you to gain crucial consumer insight:

Send online invitations.
Sending out email invitations – that can be viewed on a mobile device and online – you can start to gather data about your guests from the get- go. This is the very first step in the ERM process. Your online invites allow you to ask your guests specific questions pertaining to your brand and the event in question. For example, you can find out the name of your guests’ partners; their dietary preference; the car they drive; the gender of their children; their favourite cocktail – and so on.

Receive real-time updates.
Events management software notifies you as guests read, open and RSVP to your online invitations. This means that you don’t have to continuously follow up to see the status of your guest list. In addition, all of this information is stored in a secured server which is crucial if you’re collecting sensitive information about high-profile guests. This data is accessible via one dashboard, so you won’t have to search through countless documents or files.

Run post-event surveys.
It’s essential that you find out your guest’s experience of the event. Gathering their feedback is paramount to the success of your future events, as well as your marketing campaigns. Events management software enables you to run post-event surveys, and then store this data along with the rest of your guest list information.

When combined and viewed holistically, you’re left with a source of rich data about your guests.

Importantly, event management software retains all of this information for you, so that when you talk to your customer again the next year, you’ll be able to prepopulate all of their information. For example, if you’re inviting them back to a golf day, you’ll already know their shirt size, handicap, favourite drink, car registration, etc.

Because event management software enables you to collect relevant information, you’ll be able to ask your guests questions like ‘Is champagne still your favourite drink?’, ‘Are you still using a Canon camera?’ etc. If you’re managing a corporate getaway, you’ll know not to take peanuts on the game drive, as one of your guests is allergic. In the same vein, you’ll be able to offer your VIP’s wife a vegetarian snack, as you already know that she’s a strict vegan.  Remember that it’s these small details that are crucial for successful ERM. If you don’t have this information on hand, you’ll irritate guests if they have to re-enter it year after year.

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