Event Registration Software: The art of attracting the right guests

event-registration-software-seminar.jpgWe all want the right people to attend our events, but making sure this happens can often be a delicate and time consuming process. How you invite guests, remind them about your upcoming event and confirm their attendance all need to be skilfully managed if you want to ensure that each and every one of your guests is truly invested in your event or brand. You see, there is an art to RSVP management, especially if you are dealing with busy and high profile people.

What do the wrong guests look like and what can we do to limit or convert them?

Considering all the work you put into pulling off a flawless event experience, there is nothing quite as frustrating as a guest list that then gets ‘top-heavy’ with guests who aren’t interested in what you have to offer.  These are the guests who confirm their attendance but then don’t make it, or who decline your invitation and then show up anyway. Worse still, are the guests who bring along an unexpected entourage (that you are then expected to accommodate), or who are just there for the freebies, time off work, or travel and tourism opportunities. You know that guests like these equate to a limited ROI. The question then is if there is any way to limit these ‘lukewarm’ brand ambassadors from attending your event or, better still, converting them from lukewarm to piping hot?  

Our Event Registration Software helps you track guest list information to differentiate sure-fire, brand ambassadors from the rest

A certain number of noncommittal or ambivalent guests on your guest list are to be expected. The RSVP Agency’s Event Registration Software, can, however, help you to categorise guests according to their RSVPs as well as subsequent event attendance or non-attendance. You can use our product to collect guest information and, from this, develop a good idea of how best to target each guest during future event planning. Key features of our Event Registration Software include:

  • Database integrity checks and clean-up, which removes duplicates, identifies missing information and alerts you about invite bounces, accepts or declines for follow-up.
  • Our call down service to guests who have not responded to their electronic invitations. This ensures that non responsive guests have the chance to be fully briefed about the upcoming event and then safely removed from your list if it becomes apparent that they are not interested in attending.

You ultimately want to invite guests to your event who are going to become great brand ambassadors. Download  ‘A Practical Guide to Professional RSVP’ for more information on our Event Registration Software and best practices for email invitations, online registration, and RSVP for corporate events.