Event technology & event management guide 2017

The tools available to event planners to manage events have become smarter, more sophisticated and more widely available. Download our guide for 2017.

With expanding event planning technology, the software for event management, provides more benefits now than ever before. Your event technology solution providing you with any necessary information to add value to your company.
Do you have what it takes to make the correct decision on your ideal event software? Have you done enough research? Look no further as the Event technology 101 will provide you with your ideal event technology solution you require.

The RSVP Agency's guide to everything you've ever wanted to know about event tech, placing the event management technology solution in your hands.

  • We take a look at how far we have come in event technology in the last 35 years
  • Event technology trends 2017
  • The three major players in event technology today
  • Event planning more efficient, becoming automated
  • Event tech forging a new event planning path
  • Suppliers on demand
  • New applications to access more information
  • Supercharge social media
  • Solving the Rubik's cube of purchasing event tech
  • Event tech not to be ignored
  • How can we help you add value to your business?

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