Event technology essentials for keeping your corporate guests happy

event-technology-essentials-for-keeping-your-corporate-guests-happyManaging a corporate event – which more often than not, entails a substantial guest list – is only feasible when you’ve got the proper event technology at your disposal. Extensive guest lists contain a myriad of information that if managed manually, can see your entire corporate event end up in shambles. Making use of intelligent event technology isn’t optional – it’s essential. Here’s what you need to know about implementing guest list management software at your next corporate event.

If your attendees aren’t happy, your event will have been in vain

This statement may sound harsh, but unfortunately, it’s true. If your corporate event leaves anything less than a smile on the faces of your guests, it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll refuse any future invites, and choose to investment in a competitor instead. All hope is not lost, however. The event technology available to event planners makes giving guests an enjoyably, impressionable experience far more achievable than if you were to attempt this yourself.

Make sure you’re making the registration process as streamlined and convenient as possible with on-site registration software

The majority of corporate events entail a laborious registration process. You can mitigate against long lines and frustrated guests if you’re using event technology that incorporates on-site check-in. Besides speeding-up the process, hiccups like duplicate information and last minute arrivals which often end up stalling the line are eradicated. If your corporate event entails hundreds of guests, making use of a self-check-in option can further aid in a speedy, stress-free arrival.

QR codes act as a personal event guide for your guests – aiding in crowd control and free-flowing foot traffic

A valuable addition to any corporate event – especially large scale functions like conferences or expos – QR codes that contain personalised information assist both your guests and your event team. Besides being a crucial part of access control, they’re also an efficient way of ensuring your guests have the event agenda on hand, eliminating any poor souls having to wander the corridors in search of their next session.

Making use of Event Management Software that enables you to send personalised post-event surveys benefits both attendees and you, the event planner

One of the most effective ways of gauging how your guests perceived your event is via a post-event survey. But take note: this doesn’t mean that a one-size-fits all, generic survey sent to the entire guest list is suitable. Make sure you’re using event technology that has a built-in functionality that allows you to customise form fields (in both your invitations and post-event surveys), in order to convey the fact that you value and respect your guests.

Being able to personalise all communication you have with guests is one of the benefits of embracing event tech like Event Management Software

As well as making sure that all of your communication is personalised, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re collecting and storing all information that you’re privy to in a legally-compliant way. We recently wrote about the lesser-known requirements of the POPI Act, which includes obtaining permission to use your guests’ information, as well as notifying them as to your intentions with regard to this data.

Guest list Management Software that allows you to do all of the above, is an essential factor in ensuring your corporate guests leave with the very best impression of your event.

For more on tailoring the event experience – and garnering the best possible response from your attendees – download our Guide to Turning your Events into Marketing Gold.