Is your event technology letting your brand down?

You’ve got years of experience in the event industry, and a talented team of event planners at your side. Yet planning your events is far from smooth sailing. What’s the deal? We’re betting that your event technology is to blame. Event planning is an inordinately competitive industry, which means that even the most experienced event planners find themselves coming up short if they’re not equipped with the right event technology.

If you suspect that your events are suffering at the hands of your event technology, watch out for these six tell-tale signs:

1. Your online invitations are bouncing or being marked as spam

You’ve spent ages designing gorgeous online invitations, yet many of them end up ignored, lost at the bottom of spam folders. Why? We hate to break it to you, but your event technology is to blame. If you’re not using event management software that makes use of a white-listing service (we use SendGrid), the majority of your online invitations will sadly never see the light of day.

2. You have insufficient information about guests

We often speak about how the efficacy of your events boils down to the information you have about them. If you’ve got inadequate data on hand, you’re left with a vague idea as to the kind of event that will resonate. A sorry state of affairs indeed. Your event technology should not only be collecting every single piece of information about your guests, but storing it in an easily accessible portal too.

3. The RSVP process takes too long and requires several fulltime staff

Event planning is a full time, ‘round the clock, mad rush of a profession. Streamlined processes are key to making sure that you’re able to keep your head above water. Event technology that doesn’t automate the RSVP process is, quite frankly, a waste of money. Event planning software should make this process as easy as possible, enabling your team to focus on the other aspects of an event that require their full attention.

4. You have to ask guests for the same information every time you run an event

It’s beyond embarrassing to have to ask a guest who’s attended multiple events the same questions about their preferences every single time you re-invite them. Besides the fact that you’re putting people off your brand, you’re also wasting a lot of time doing what your event technology should be doing anyway.

5. You have no way of gathering feedback about your events from guests If you manage an event but have no way of knowing how it was received by your guests, you’re guilty of the event equivalent of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Your guests dictate whether your event was a success or not – without a way to gather their feedback, you’re unable to determine what needs improving or changing. Event technology that enables you to conduct a post-event survey isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity.

6. Post-event reports are a nightmare to compile and are often inaccurate

The last thing any event planner feels like doing after an event is crunching the numbers. Unfortunately, this aspect of your job is unavoidable, but it can be simplified with the right event technology. Software that collects and stores data makes it a whole lot easier to work out whether your event resulted in ROI, and if it didn’t, the reason why.

If you’re tired of being let down by your event technology, find out about our event management software that enables leading local and international brands to manage events in the most efficient way possible.

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