Why your events are only as good as your RSVP services

When it comes to corporate events, many companies are under the impression that their RSVP services are an afterthought. They see them as a ‘nice to have’, not as an essential. Unfortunately, this thinking results in corporate events that are laborious to plan, disorganised, and rarely successful in meeting both the brand’s marketing objectives, as well as their guests’ expectations.

It’s time to change your mind-set about the cost of RSVP services vs the cost of the event.

The RSVP process is actually as or more important than the event itself. Without a solid foundation on which to plan and build your events, there’s little chance that they’ll succeed. It’s high time that corporate event planners started to take the RSVP process – and the tools they’re using to organise it – seriously.

The quality of your events is directly related to the quality of the tools you’re using to plan and execute them. If you’ve got the right kind of RSVP services at your disposal, you’re able to:

  • Create online invitations that are a cut above the rest

Besides having access to talented graphic designers and professional copywriters, you’ll be assured that your invitations are delivered. We use an international white-listing company, SendGrid, to ensure that your invitations land in the right inboxes.

  • Conduct a seamless RSVP process

From the initial ‘Save the Date’ to the post-event survey and report, our RSVP services enable you to streamline the entire process as all event data is collected and securely stored in one easy-to-use place.

  • Collect crucial information about your guests

Having the right data on hand is the only way to create an event that resonates and engages your audience. If you’re attempting to profile your guest list manually, you’re not only in for a laborious undertaking, but will miss out on valuable information collected during the RSVP process too.

  • Conduct a post event survey

Our RSVP services give you access to this crucial tool; gathering guest feedback and additional information for future events is vital to your wider marketing objectives.

  • Collate all of this data into a comprehensive, accurate post-event report

Being able to provide your clients with a post-event report that’s based on hard data is crucial. In an age of ever shrinking budgets and growing marketing demands, accurate reporting instead of feedback based on a guesstimate is a non-negotiable.

Pouring a substantial amount of money into an event, while ignoring the importance of proper RSVP services is futile.

Investing a large amount of money in a corporate event, in the hopes that the flashiest venue, décor and catering will woo your guests is not only naïve; it’s risky too. Without the help of professional RSVP services, managing the RSVP process, the event itself, as well as the post-event communication, is incredibly difficult. Find out why leading international and local brands rely on our RSVP services ,here.

Image credit: Jodhanataxihire