Every facet of your event is under scrutiny – including your event registration systems.

An oft-neglected element of corporate events are the registration systems used. Unfortunately, this is to the detriment of many a brand or company. A large portion of event organisers focus solely on the décor, venue, entertainment etc. – neglecting the fact that if their registration process is chaotic, even the most breath-taking venue or mouth-watering catering won’t be able to save an event.

Ultimately, the way your event is run determines its success. In order to conduct an event that’s smooth-sailing as opposed to a bumpy ride, you’ll need sophisticated registration tools at your disposal.

Here are the top four reasons why you can’t afford not to use sophisticated registration tools:

1. Streamline your event.

Instead of having to manually search through printed lists – which in the case of a corporate event can often run into the hundreds – a digital registration tool not only aides your event organisers but reduces the amount of time your guests have to spend in a queue. By running a streamlined, efficient registration or check-in, you’re setting the tone for the rest of the event, which means that it’s crucial that you start off on the right foot.

2. Ensure guests’ security.

Many corporate events entail high-profile guests. A burly bouncer and visible security might seem like a good idea, but human error can result in security being breached. If you’re using a registration tool that works with a QR scanner, the safety of your guests is that much superior. If a guest doesn’t have the designated QR code on their invitation or phone, they won’t be able to access restricted areas. In addition, there won’t be any instances of a non-invited guest impersonating a legitimate invitee.

3. Position your brand as technologically innovative and professional.

The aim of a corporate event is to elevate your brand’s positioning. It’s logical then, that every single facet of your event needs to point to the fact that your brand or company is an industry-leader. You’d never serve the main course at a VIP banquet on paper plates, so why use out-dated, inefficient registration tools? Replacing a clipboard and reams of paper with cutting-edge, intuitive tools that run on an iPad, tablet or mobile not only ensures a streamlined registration process, but demonstrates the professionalism of you brand too. In turn, your brand equity is amplified.

Sophisticated registration systems not only elevate the overall management and success of an event, they enable you to gain invaluable insight into your guests. Because QR codes control access, and include details such as the time a guest entered a venue, the specific areas they accessed and the duration of time spent in each section – you’re able to gather vital information about your guests.

4. When combined with RSVP software, detailed data can be gathered about your guests.

We’ve spoken before about the vital role that a thorough understanding of your target market – in this case – your guests – plays in your marketing efforts. The brands that understand their audience are able to offer relevant brand offerings, specifically tailored towards their target market. As a result, companies who have an in-depth understanding of their consumers are those who enjoy increased brand advocacy and loyalty. The more information you’re able to collect about your guests, the easier it is to create an event that resonates.

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Image Credit: MedCure