Everything corporate event planners need to include in their golf invitations

A go-to stress reliever of many South Africans is that of spending a day teeing-off under the African sun. A corporate golf day is far more than a chance to relax though as, if executed correctly, it can be an effective branding and networking exercise for companies.

The golf days that set the precedent are those that showcase a brand in the best light, facilitate networking and relationship-building among guests and ultimately, result in ROI. As with any event, corporate golf days that leave guests feeling as if they’ve hit a hole in one begin with golf invitations that are engaging, intriguing and that position an event as an exclusive undertaking not to be missed out on.

We’ve worked with numerous top brands to create golf invitations that successfully entice guests.

Our RSVP services were most recently used by the ANC, Standard Bank and Bestmed for their respective corporate golf days. Standard Bank’s golf events spanned the African continent, with golf days held in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. Bestmed – who used our on-site registration app Sesame – were able to conduct a seamless check-in process that enabled each guest to find their assigned locker as they arrived. If this had to be done manually, guests would have had to wait in extraordinarily long queues – thanks to The RSVP Agency’s software – this wasn’t the case.

The ANC’s Greater Tshwane Region Golf Classic 2014 comprised of VIP guests who teed off at Silver Lakes Golf Estate in Pretoria. These two high-profile events are just two of numerous golf days that we have managed that were a resounding success. Our track record of creating golf invitations for well-attended events around the globe means that we often get asked by corporates as to our method. We thought we’d share some advice for creating golf invitations that set your event on the right course from the start.

1. Get your the wording right

Far too often, corporate event planners fail to consider that their golf invitations needs to convey an air of exclusivity. Never use slang, or colloquialisms. Ensure that all copy is both grammatically correct and free from spelling errors. Nothing says ‘unprofessional’ as much as a typo. Make sure that you’ve spelled the names of your guests correctly too. If in doubt – check and double check in order to avoid an incredibly unprofessional faux pas.

2. Set the right tone from the get-go

In order to set your golf invitations apart from the slew of other invites your guests receive, it’s imperative that you position your golf day as one that’s exclusive. If a guest feels like they can’t afford to miss your event – your golf invitations are more likely to result in higher acceptance rates. One way of making your event stand out is by mentioning any prizes to be won on the day, as well as the names of speakers or celebrities who’ll be attending.

3. Ensure the design of your golf invitations is world-class

Every single aspect of your golf invitations needs to convey an air of professionalism. Second to your copy, the design of your invitations is incredibly influential. Slick, beautifully designed invitations will garner higher acceptance rates than ones that are sloppily put together. Bear in mind that simple, clean design is preferable to an elaborate, image-heavy online invitation, as overly complicated online invitations will only end up in the spam folder. This is due to filters set by corporate firewalls, as well as the majority of email providers. Ensure your golf invitations end up in an inbox by keeping your design as clean as possible.

4.  Have the right ratio of information and personalisation

Make sure that your invitations ask the right questions. By using your invitations as a way of gathering information, creating a corporate day that resonates and engages is that much easier. Bear in mind that for the most part, corporate guests are invited to many golf days – so by personalising your invites, you’re increasing the chances of someone accepting. By making use of a system that remembers names, handicaps, shirt sizes and food preferences, you’re not only gathering pertinent information, but are able to avoid the unprofessional instance of asking a guest for the same information twice.

5. Use the right tools for the job

Even if your golf invitations have successfully garnered a high acceptance rate, you’ll need to have adequate tools at your disposal in order to manage the RSVP process. Using one, integrated piece of event management software will enable you to integrate your golf invitations with your guest list. In addition, any information you gather about your guests can be stored for future use. Innovative RSVP management software, like ours, is updated in real–time, which means that you’re able to be informed about last minute guest list changes when and as they happen. What’s more, you’ll be able to effectively communicate changes to the tee-off time, or changes in your four-ball grouping in a timeous manner.

Image Credit: Telegraph