Five essential post corporate event action points

Contrary to popular belief, the hard work involved in a corporate event doesn’t end once your venue is packed up and your guests have gone home. If you want to ensure your corporate event achieves its objectives – regardless of what these are – you need to tick off the following five action points once the physical event has culminated.


1.Send out a post-event survey

To make the most of this exercise, you need to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. Sending out a post-event survey via your event mobile app, SMS or email as soon as the event has finished allows you to tap into the minds of your guests while they’re still ruminating on their experience. Keep your questions short and opt for multiple-choice – the easier it is for guests to complete the survey, the more responses you’ll get. Don’t forget to lead with a ‘Thank you for attending’. Good manners pay off!

2. Analyse your event data

This is where the good stuff is. And by good stuff, we mean the crucial insights into your guests that enable you to understand them and the way they interact with your brand. Don’t forget that the difference between a corporate event that succeeds and on that falls flat is an in-depth understanding of the people in attendance, so mining all event collateral is an essential undertaking. Look at attendance reports, pre-and-post sales reports (if applicable), mobile event app data, social media feeds and post-event surveys.

3. Set an email marketing campaign in motion

Staying in touch with guests once they’ve attended your corporate event is essential. Depending on the nature of your event, a thank you email may suffice, but if your event forms part of a bigger marketing campaign, such as a product launch, you’ll need to construct an email marketing campaign that continuously provides relevant information to your guests. The key to email campaigns that successfully drive recipients to take further action, whether this is to purchase a product, visit your website or follow you on social media, lies in the content of your mails. Personalise all correspondence, employ a master wordsmith to craft compelling copy that’s relevant, and make sure each email provides the recipient with something of value. (Don’t forget about POPI!)

4. Refine your social media strategy

Keep your brand top of mind by using post-event data to fine-tune your social media strategy. Follow guests who were in attendance or who’ve recently followed or mentioned you, and send them a direct message to thank them for their attendance.  Post a recap of the event and tag all relevant parties – the more exposure, the better. Even if your next event is months away, keep new and old followers alike updated with news about your brand to pique their interest in the interim.

5. Pick up the phone

Thanks to the plethora of communication platforms available, it’s easy to opt for electronic means over an in-person phone call. The point of any event is to form a personal relationship with your guests, and what better way to solidify this than by picking up the phone and reaching out to your attendees? Thank them again for their attendance and ask them for additional feedback about their experience. By doing so, you’re further personalising your brand – an act that goes a long way in increasing brand acknowledgement and adoption.

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