Five essential touch points for effective event branding

Our event branding plays a crucial role in the success of your event. After all, if there was no brand, there wouldn’t be an event, which is why every single touch point needs to be aligned with your brand identity as well as the event’s objectives.  The good news is that event branding doesn’t have to take up a large portion of your budget in order to be effective. Here are the five essential touch points you can use to portray the essence of your brand at your next event.

Your invitations

From the time your invitations land in your guests’ inboxes, you’re setting an expectation of the event. This is often the first time a guest has heard of your brand and event, so make sure the impression you give off is a good one. Never skimp on invitations, and always personalise them. Set the tone of your event branding by making sure your invites are aligned with not only your brand, but the rest of your event touch points too.

Social media

Thanks to social media, generating pre-event buzz is easier than ever. One of the most effective and affordable event branding options, taking to Twitter or LinkedIn, gives you access to a whole new audience of potential guests. To make the most out of digital channels, make sure everything your post is in line with the tone and personality of your brand. Social media gaffes spread in an instant, which is why all of your event branding on social media needs to be curated carefully. Plan a social calendar leading up to the event, as well as during and after. This makes it easy to schedule posts, and gives you control over what’s being said when.

Your visual cues

Ever attended an event and been confused about where to do what? Make sure that your event branding on the day is not only indicative of your brand, but clear too. Guests should never be left wondering where they’re sitting, or how to get to the nearest restroom. Remember that event branding doesn’t just involve physical aspects, but the intangible too. If guests feel at ease, they’re much more likely to view your brand in a positive light. On that note, make sure you spell the names of your guests correctly. There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than having to edit a name tag in front of a guest.

Your venue

It should go without saying that the venue you choose should seamlessly align with your brand. Many events are held in soulless conference centres – probably due to the thinking that a bare venue is conducive to event branding. This may be the case, but your guests don’t want to attend an event where a thinly-veiled attempt at making an austere hall is achingly obvious. Create a memorable experience by finding a venue that fits the personality of your brand. We’re by no means suggesting that conference centres don’t have a place, but if you’re holding an intimate EXCO dinner, opt for an intimate venue that is atmospheric, lends itself to mingling and complements your event branding.

Your post-event communication

Nothing screams ‘unprofessional’ quite like sending out a generic thank you mail. All of your communication with guests must be personalised, instantly recognisable, and heartfelt. One of the best ways to solidify your event branding efforts is to send a post-event survey by SMS. By making your attendees feel that their opinion is valuable, you’re well on your way to nurturing a mutually-beneficial relationship. In addition, you’re able to use this feedback for improving future events and marketing strategies. A win-win situation if there ever was one. Event management software allows you to do all of this – and more. Find out about our Guest Concierge Management Software.

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