Five signs you need corporate event planning software

The event planning process is a whirlwind of liasing with venues and caterers, managing guest lists, designing invitations and making sure that brand objectives are being met. If you haven’t been blessed with a photographic memory or the cognitive processing speed of the latest computer, it’s easy to slip up once in a while. If any of these signs are familiar to you, it might be time to enlist the help of Corporate Event Planning Software.

1. You’re getting lost in Excel spreadsheet tabs

Even the most organised event planners get lost in the confusion of managing lists of tens to hundreds of guests, their contact details and dietary preferences. Corporate Event Management Software injects organisation into the planning of the most chaotic events. You can track emails easily, manage multiple guest lists without solely working in Excel and store all the information you need to know about your guests – all of which can be used again for future events, that’ll run a lot more smoothly thanks to Corporate Event Planning Software.

2. You’re forgetting peoples’ names and confusing Miss with Ms.

Even the most honest spelling mistake can cause an invitee offence and make you appear unprofessional. With the help of Corporate Event Planning Software you can avoid these awkward blunders and have your guests feeling as if you’ve penned them a personal invitation. The software automatically pre-populates emails with data you’ve collected about them from previous events. Segregating your guest lists into different groups will allow you to tailor communication to each, giving any contact you have with them that personal touch. You’ll also avoid the blunder of sending the same person an invitation twice as the software will identify duplicate contact information.

3. You get calls from guests asking you to clarify event details

Your email invitations have been sent out, the event date is fast approaching and you still need to finalise staff for the function. It’s no wonder then that you forgot to send out those small but significant details – like a map to the venue or what time the keynote speaker is on. You get swamped with calls from confused invitees asking you for directions to the venue and whether there’s parking provided. If only you’d used Event Management Software. Easy to set up and configure, it allows you to send out pre-event SMS reminders without you having to remember to do so. What’s more, a link in the email invitation lets your guests add the event to their iCal calendar as well as a PDF venue map.

4. You’re losing track of who’s a vegtarian and who only drinks red wine

Each guest comes with their own set of preferences and requirements and keeping track of these important details is crucial to creating an event that’ll resonate with each and every one. Sifting through emails and recording dietary requirements in multiple spreadsheets will only cause mix ups on the day. With Corporate Event Planning Software, on the other hand, you have an easy way to track all emails and make sure not even the smallest detail about your guests is lost. You’ll be able to pool all data – including feedback from email or SMS post-event surveys – to gather insights that you can use in your next event strategy. You’re also able to keep track of out of office replies and email invitation bounce rates so you know exactly who has seen the invitation and who hasn’t.

5. Your brand messages aren’t getting through

Every touch point at your event is an opportunity to connect with your guests and for them to get to know your brand. Make sure each one is personalised and professional: from the first ‘save the date’ email to the post-event survey. Corporate Event Planning Software allows you to execute all of this, as well as conduct on-site registration using an RSVP iPad or QR code application. You’ll be able to reduce queueing times and improve overall efficiency. By subtly branding all touch points you’ll guarantee the best emotional experience for your guests.

Do any of these signs seem all too familiar to you? Download our Practical Guide to Professional RSVP for more insights into how to give your guests the best possible experience at your next event.

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