Food for thought: how a post event survey saved a client 30k

We’ve written before about the crucial role a post event survey plays in not only your ability to manage successful events, but in gathering invaluable feedback for your client’s brand as a whole. (You can read about that here and here.) If you’re still on the fence as to the importance of a post event survey, consider this:

A post event survey enabled one of our clients to get a 30k rebate on catering services that were sub-standard.

Our client was tasked with orchestrating a corporate event that had an extensive guest list of high-profile guests. In other words, the stakes were high. Every aspect of the event had been carefully thought-out, save for one glaring oversight – the catering. The client understood that their supplier would be serving gourmet burgers, hot dogs and prego rolls – hearty fare that would satiate even the hungriest of guests. What the caterer failed to disclose, however, was that these were to be miniature burgers, hot dogs and rolls. In other words, finger food.

Unsurprisingly, the post event survey indicated an overwhelming dissatisfaction with the food.

The food ran out after only 400 out of the 1000 guests had eaten, and as you know, hungry guests are unhappy guests. The post event survey showed that the guests were impressed with every other aspect of the event, save for the food. It can be tricky to justify the whys and hows of a supplier’s shortcomings, which make a post event survey essential.  In this case, it equipped the client with concrete evidence as to the short-comings of their catering supplier. After some negotiation, the client was refunded 30k by the venue and catering company, who admitted their shortcomings.

If you’re not using a post event survey – it’s high time you started.

Post event surveys provide you with crucial feedback on the event as a whole. Did the entertainment live up to its name? Was the parking too far from the venue? Was the presentation content and presenter style engaging? Who would a guest like to see perform? The questions you include in your post event survey are determined by your client’s marketing objectives. Was the event experience something they’d share on social media? If yes, why? If no, why not?

All of the information gathered in a post event survey contributes toward gaining a thorough understanding of your guests.

Being able to gather invaluable feedback from your guests enables you to tailor your future events towards their needs. The result? Events that meet and ideally, succeed their expectations. When used as part of a marketing strategy, relevant experiences are priceless, which means that gathering all the information you can about your guests is crucial.

If your insight into your guests is vague, your events won’t resonate.

Competition among brands is fierce, so speculating about the things that make your guests tick isn’t enough. You need to know what makes them tick, if you want to provide them with an event that excites, intrigues and impresses. Without a post event survey or the tools to conduct one at your disposal, this becomes impossible.

Making use of event management software that incorporates a post event survey is essential.

Compiling, conducting and collating the information contained in a post event survey relies on a sophisticated tool that streamlines the process, and stores this information for future use. Our RSVP software enables you to send post event surveys to your guests via SMS or email. What’s more, it stores this information in a central data base for future use.

Find out more about how our software assists brands like Coca-Cola, Jaguar, Nedbank, and more, in orchestrating events that meet and then succeed their guests’ expectations.

Image credit – Oasishr