Four reasons why South Africa is leading the event software race

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Many South African brands are of the opinion that our contemporaries across the seas are continually one step ahead of us as far as technology is concerned. In the case of event software, the opposite is true. In fact, numerous big brands rely on our event software – to the delight of their guests and clients all over the globe.

It’s for good reason that our event software is the go-to tool for big and small international and local brands alike. So what makes our event software so special? As it turns out, a combination of several key qualities that enable brands to facilitate the management of their events, increase their brand awareness and ultimately, enjoy ROI.

1. The RSVP Agency’s event software is intuitively designed by event planners, for event planners.

More often than not, new-fangled software programmes have their users taking to Google or YouTube in an effort to figure out how to work the very software that’s supposed to be making their lives that little bit easier. We know that the life of a marketing manager or event planner is a fast-paced, stressful one, which is why our event software is designed for ease of use, and maximum benefit.

With an easy-to-navigate dashboard, and functionalities that cater to every single aspect of the RSVP process, you’re able to cut down the amount of time you have to spend on collating data. You’re also able to log in to our back end via a username and password– enabling both you, and your clients to pull their own reports as many times a day as they like. This will give you more time to focus on the other one hundred and one tasks vying for your attention.

2. Our event software streamlines an event from start to finish, culminating in an event that’s a professional extension of the brand.

Many so-called event management tools can only be used for one specific part of an event. Ours, on the other hand, enables you to meticulously manage every single aspect of your event, without having to devote extra time to the task.  This includes your online invitations and the RSVP process, event registration and check-in, post-event surveys and the all-important post-event report.

3. The main differentiator of our event software lies in its ability to gather invaluable insight into a target market.

We call this essential functionality ERM™ – or event relationship management. Once information is collected from each stage of the event, it’s collated and stored on a secure server (read more about our security safeguards here). All of this information is not only vital for assessing ways to improve or alter future events, it’s a crucial store of data about your target market. By having records of demographics, dietary requirements, job positions, entertainment preferences and your guests’ experience of an event (thanks to a post-event survey), you’re provided with information that’s vital to your brand as a whole.

4. Our event software is used by all manner of industry-leading brands to manage superior events.

If anything’s a testament to the fact that when it comes to event software, it’s our calibre of clients that says it all. Brands including Anglo American, Coca Cola, Jaguar,  Landrover, Visa, and more and event companies including Baobab, Chaos Theory, Witch and Wizard Productions and many more use our event software to orchestrate high-profile corporate events that make the best possible impression on their guests.

Image Credit: Legal Week