How to get your brand to invest in corporate event planning software

Investing in corporate event planning software pays off – big time. Unfortunately, when you’re pitching event management software to your marketing or procurement department, you’re probably used to a resounding response of “choose the cheapest option.” While procurement and marketing may think that paying as little as possible for this event planning resource is a good idea, they’re inadvertently putting the quality and success of your company’s events – and bottom line – in jeopardy.

If you’re trying to get your brand to invest in corporate event planning software, here’s what needs to be made clear to the powers that be:

Throwing money at an event without knowing anything about your guests is brand suicide.

No matter how big your budget, your events need to be strategically planned in a streamlined manner via an automated tool. Attempting to plan, execute, manage and then repost on a corporate event manually leads to disaster. Achieving your brand’s marketing objectives relies on an informed approach, via the use of an intelligent events management tool.

Events that are planned without sufficient data result in a loss.

Corporate events are all about the bottom line. As a corporate event planner, the success or failure of an event is on your head. In order to make sure that your event budget is invested wisely, you’ll need information about your guests at your disposal. There’s no use in flying in a Michelin starred chef who’s infamous for his chocolate-chilli Argentinian steaks, if a large portion of your guest list consist of vegans. In the same vein, spending R500 per head only to watch in horror as a mere third of your guest list arrives is a situation that can be avoided entirely.

By using the insight you gain into your guest list via a corporate event management tool, you’ll be able to ensure that your budget is well spent.

If you aren’t able to do this, the best case scenario will be that your event breaks even, and the worst case scenario will be that your event results in a loss. To spend millions on an event that no one attends is career suicide. Which means that corporate event planning software is essential in order to ensure that your event budget is well spent. .

Having the best tools at your disposal enables you to compete with big league brands.

The corporate event industry is incredibly competitive, and if you want to compete with international brands, it’s imperative that you have the upper hand when it comes to event planning tools. Big companies may have bigger budgets, but if they’re not equipped with event planning software, their money is essentially wasted. In summary, events that succeed in meeting marketing objectives as well as in ROI are the ones that are strategically planned, instead of the events that have the biggest budget.

Corporate event planning software gives you access to crucial data about your guests.

If you’ve read some of our previous blogs, you’ll know that a data-driven event is one that engages your guests by offering them a relevant experience that’s of value. Without a clear picture of who your guests are, creating an event that results in ROI is near impossible. Having access to information about your guests is crucial; corporate event management software not only enables you to collect this information, but to securely store it for future use.

Corporate event planning software elevates your entire marketing strategy.

Thanks to its data gathering tools, the information collected via event management software can be used to inform your entire brand offering. We recently wrote a blog about how your events are the focus groups of the future. Capitalising on the fact that your guests have just interacted with your brand relies on conducting a post-event survey – something that’s only possible via the use of sophisticated event planning software. Ready to find out more about our corporate event planning software? Head on over here.

Image credit: Rent Fax Pro