How to get your clients to embrace events software

Albert Einstein’s infamous quote: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” applies to almost everything in life, with events software being no exception. While we are, by nature, hesitant to embrace change; our reluctance to break out of our comfort zone doesn’t always serve us well. Streamlining the management and quality of your clients’ events is that much easier if they’re using events software; convincing them that this is the case is easier said than done though. Here are our tips for getting your clients to embrace events software:

First things first – establish areas in your client’s event management process that need improvement.

Each client has different event challenges. Establish what your client’s goals are: do they want to increase their event attendance rates? Increase their ROI? Have easy access to event data? You’ll have a much easier time convincing your clients to adopt events software if you can pinpoint areas in their events that need to be enhanced.

Explain to clients how events software can help them to achieve these goals.

If you’re able to demonstrate the ways that events software will benefit your clients, you’ve won half the battle. Regardless of your agenda, backing up your recommendations is that much easier when they’re based on fact. If, for example, your client’s events are suffering from less than stellar attendance rates, talk them through the various functions of events software that can help to mitigate this. Using event software that utilises a whitelisting service is one way, as is events software that makes it easy to create online invitations.

Explain the importance of a multi-functional, sophisticated piece of events software.

Not all events software is made equal. If your client is hesitant to adopt events software it may be that they’re of the opinion that it’s merely a fancy version of an email invitation generator. What many people aren’t aware of, however, is that sophisticated Event Management Software contains extensive functionality that can improve every facet of an RSVP process. It’s crucial that you demonstrate and explain each and every function, explaining how these work together to provide an accurate and seamless event management process.

Explain the importance of using event software that’s of the highest quality, price shouldn’t be the determining factor.

Lastly, emphasise that when it comes to Event Management Software, a multifaceted, powerful system is an investment that’s worth its weight in gold. As the saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for’; saving on events software is counter-productive – you’d never expect to get out the same performance from a Citi Golf as you would a BMW. If you’re interested in our Guest Concierge Management Software, our free demo, get in touch with us today.

Image credit: global-visiontech