How to get the most out of your event database

Making the most out of your event database is impossible if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. Without a sophisticated event database management system, your guest list will remain an untapped source of rich data, leaving you with a fractional understanding of your target market.

Being able to mine this data from your guest list is crucial – not just for event management, but for customer relationship management too. In fact, your whole marketing strategy stands to benefit from a user-friendly interface that provides you with invaluable data about your target market. Events built around this information become strategic marketing affairs that successfully garner brand advocacy and engagement.

In short, an event database is an invaluable source – and if managed correctly – can elevate your entire marketing campaign to one that provides your customers with relevant, engaging content.

Many event managers mistakenly think of their event database as merely a list of names.

In actual fact, with the right guest list management software at your disposal, an event database can provide you with detailed information about every single one of your guests. In addition to names, surnames and contact details, you’ll be able to establish things like (depending on the event in question) dietary preferences, shirt sizes, place of residence, names of spouses and much more.

In addition, this information – sourced from online invitations – is therefore updated in real time. As someone accepts an invite, arrives at an event or sends you their dietary preference, your event database is instantly updated. What’s more, this information can be accessed from anywhere – making for streamlined, professional management of your event.

An event database that’s managed with the right software makes for superior events that are relevant to their guests.

Being able to create an event that’s tailored to your guests’ specific demographics is the difference between one that results in ROI, and one that leaves a company out of pocket. In addition, making use of a guest list management tool (like ours) allows you to conduct the RSVP process in the most professional way possible.

In addition, because this information is stored in such a way that it’s easy to extract, the next time you plan an event, this data will be readily available.

RSVP management software enables brands to gain insight into their target market via their event database.

Besides enabling you to create events that are relevant and as a result, highly engaging, an event database – when managed correctly – provides companies with pertinent information about their existing and potential customers. This crucial data gives you a deeper understanding of your customers, their specific demographics and their unique differentiators. Once you’ve garnered an all-encompassing picture of who your market is, and what they want, you’re able to tailor your events, as well as products, services and marketing campaigns towards them.

The right event database management system assists in better understanding your target audience, in a way that’s secure.

An event database contains highly confidential information about your guests, which means that the onus is on you to manage this data in the most secure manner possible. Our RSVP management software is certified by Thawte. This means that our server is secure, and uses a special signature with a security number that ensures our databases are safe from prying eyes.

If you’d like to elevate your events and your customer relationship management as a whole, speak to us today about our guest list management software that is helping brands like Nedbank, Adcock Ingram, Momentum Health, Jaguar and more to gain insight into their markets.

Image Credit: Champagne Info