High-tech companies choose high-tech RSVP for their event management

According to leadership consultant and expert on innovation, Scott Steinberg, high-tech event planning solutions are the way forward. The future belongs to mobile devices, says Steinberg, which means that your guest invitations, on-site registrations, and access to guest information needs to fit smaller screens and present important information at the touch of a button.

The RSVP Agency is a leader in event management software, having revolutionised event management for corporate clients and event organisers. We were recently featured on fastmoving.co.za and themarketingsite.com for our event management work with ABB Technology, a leading power and automation company. ABB was hosting its annual Technology Days, the country’s premier exhibition and conference dedicated to current trends in the energy sector.

As an innovation-driven company, ABB regularly introduces new state-of-the-art products, solutions, and technology into the market. It was therefore only fitting that they work with The RSVP Agency, because we focus on delivering innovative high-tech solutions for corporate event organisers.

RSVP for a corporate event or conference

According to Tamara Chetty, the company’s Marketing and Communications Manager: Southern African Region Corporate: “The exclusive event hosted industry leaders from around the globe who shared expertise that will shape the future of the power and the automation sector.” As such, it was critical that ABB’s Conference . Programme make an impact and we chose a Z-CARD® as the ideal medium for the event programme.

The RSVP Agency’s event management service

The RSVP Agency’s CEO, Terry Sutherland had this to say: “The RSVP Agency has assisted in many large scale events and offers a turnkey solution, not isolated to only RSVP, but also Event Management, Corporate Event Planning , and Invitation Design.

We selected the Z-CARD® format for its compact design. It was an ideal medium that enabled each delegate to have an on-hand reference guide, which wasn’t cumbersome or impractical. The feedback that we received on the cards was overwhelming, and both client and delegates loved the innovative way that we were able to supply so much event information in a slick, professional, and practical way.”

From invitation design to event registration The RSVP Agency is built on the premise that effectively using technology and event management software for event planning opens new doors when it comes to planning and organising successful events. The traditional way of handling event planning is filled with paperwork, miscommunication, and errors, but The RSVP Agency’s event management software provides event managers with a high-tech web-based tool with a sophisticated online registration system. Event management software assists in organising your planning stages, and making event management easy on the day of the event. For ABB, we handled all of the on-site event registration and accreditation of all guests and speakers, ensuring that the guests were checked in quickly and easily via mobile devices (The RSVP Agency specialises in iPad registrations and biometric technology). Interested in our event management service and software for your next corporate event? We provide a wide scope of solutions – from invitation design  to on-site event registration . Contact us for a demonstration!