How RSVP’s Online Registration Software compares with the event industry’s ‘best’

Online-registration-software-4.jpgWhen it comes to choosing an online registration software solution that best suits their corporate event management needs, event planners are more than just a bit spoiled for choice these days. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that they are drowning in product options. For example, a search on the Capterra website for their top rated online registration software yields over 100 search results. How does an event organiser even begin to select the right platform for their event registration and planning requirements?

 We were a bit curious about this too, so we did a quick product comparison…

According to Capterra’s rating system, all the top online registration software solutions can do the following:

  • Manage guest attendance, contacts and event registrations
  • Support both online and onsite event registrations
  • Enable guests to self check-in at an event
  • Include a badge printing and badge management app
  • Provide online support to event managers throughout the event management process
  • Provide access to the necessary training documentation for clients to learn how to use the software

Features that are shared by some (but not all) products include:

  • A free product trial period to experience the software first hand
  • Cloud, mobile and web deployment – so that an event planner can access this planning tool across multiple devices
  • Targeted event email marketing
  • Calendar management – either through a plugin on a client’s event page or through a cloud-based system.
  • Secure and online payment processing
  • 24/7 live reporting via an online dashboard for event planners to access data in real-time
  • Surveys and feedback functions for pre- or post-event data collection

Depending on the type of package purchased, event planners could also expect the software to provide them with box office features for ticket sales and assist them with hotel and venue sourcing, advanced social media integration, ticket scanning, event budget management and post-event data reporting and analysis.

All of the above online registration software functions can save an event planner a great deal of time and money and should be enough to convince even the most cynical of critics to move their corporate event planning processes online.

The RSVP Agency’s dynamic event management software gives the competition a good run for its money

Our online registration software boasts many of the above mentioned functions and capabilities. It not only manages guest lists and handles online event registrations – it also automates email invitations and serves as a useful data collection tool for capturing guests’ information. All The RSVP Agency’s processes are POPI compliant, which means that our clients can trust us to protect their guests’ personal information at all times.

Our online registration software enables secure online payments and allows guests to place group orders for event-related stationery and supplies; it also walks guests through the accommodation and travel booking process.

The RSVP Agency’s support services further extend to include customised invitation design, call downs to clients who have not responded to email invitations, and iCal reminders to guests to attend the event.

Download our brochure to find out more about our locally-developed RSVP software for events.

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