What information should be in your golf invitations?

Corporate golf days are a dime a dozen. Whether prestigious and high-profile or low-key and informal, a golf day is the go-to event favoured by hundreds of companies throughout the country.

The result? Your potential guests regularly receive a flood of invitations to various types of golf days. If you want to ensure that your golf invitations are as enticing as possible, read on for our tips on how to structure an invite that’s guaranteed to give you the most RSVPs possible.

Like all event invites, your golf invitations need to showcase your brand in the most compelling way possible.

The aim of any event is to position your brand in a positive light, which means that every single touch point guests are exposed to needs to accurately convey the essence of your brand. Since your golf invitations form a guest’s first impression of your event, make sure that your invite contains your brand’s official logo, and is in line with your corporate branding. If your CEO is attending, add a personal touch by wording the invite as if he or she had written it – you could say something like: “Dear X, It’s my pleasure to invite you to Brand XXX’s Annual Golf Challenge. Looking forward to seeing you there, James Smith, CEO, Brand XXX.”

Don’t forget to include the basics of who, what, where and when.

If your golf invitations are missing crucial information, you’ll instantly lose out on a significant amount of potential RSVPs. Always include the date, the time, the date guests have to RSVP by, and the venue. If you aren’t using a shot-gun start format, you’ll need to plan an activity that occupies your guests while they wait for everyone else to finish playing. You could set up a putting clinic, express massage bar, or a product demonstration to ensure that guests aren’t waiting around with nothing to do. Make sure that your event team has factored in the time it takes to notify each person of the tee-off time, or speed-up this time-consuming task by making use of an RSVP service that will do this on your behalf.

Appeal to golf aficionados by providing them with details about the course.

Including information like photos, a map, and the history of a golf course is a great way to give your guests some added value from the get-go. Fitting them onto your golf invitations however, isn’t always possible. If you’re using online invitations, you’ll be able to create a link to your registration page where you’ll be able to showcase all of this information, as well as any other things you want your guests to be aware of.

Increase your attendance rates by including an enticing feature on your golf invitations.

An obvious example of this is to use prizes as an incentive – if you’re giving away big ticket items, mention them on your invite. Linking your event to a charity or inviting a celebrity to either play or speak are other effective means of adding extra appeal to an event. Whichever means you use, be sure to mention it in the copy of your golf invitations.

Managing your golf invitations is a complex task – we suggest you simplify and streamline the process by outsourcing your golf invites. The highly competitive nature of corporate events – golf days included – means that you need to be on top of your game when it comes the design, distribution and management of your golf invitations.

 Image Credit: National Whatever Day