Introducing a Practical Guide to Professional RSVP

The RSVP Agency is thrilled to launch an exciting new eBook, “A Practical Guide to Professional RSVP: Best Practices for Email Invitations, Online Registration, & RSVP for Corporate Events”.

Combining Terry Sutherlands extensive experience in the development of RSVP solutions for clients, and Rene Fletcher’s insight into the challenges that event organisers face, the eBook explores the intricacies of running a professional RSVP project from concept to conclusion.

The RSVP Agency offers a professional service with an outstanding track record in the management of RSVP projects. Having developed the most user friendly and cost effective Invitation and RSVP Management Solution in the industry today, The RSVP Agency is well-placed to guide event planners through “the perfect event”.

The time-consuming task of managing large-scale events

You’re probably familiar with the scenario below: You have an event to arrange for 50+ guests. You send out an email, and manually input each of the RSVPs into an Excel spreadsheet. You have to manage a separate spreadsheet for VIP guests and their requirements. Following up with outstanding RSVPs requires manually checking the invite list against the RSVPs. You forget to save the spreadsheet and all of your changes are unrecoverable, so you start again…

If you can relate, then you might be considering a more efficient way to ensure the success of an event… There are many factors that contribute to an event’s success; but something important (yet often overlooked) actually makes or breaks an event – how many people attend.

Knowing the ins and outs of professional RSVP is critical to successful event planning. No event organiser should be without this indispensable eBook, which will guide you through the history, etiquette, and strategy behind professional RSVP, and how you can make it work for you.

What you can expect from the eBook? A Practical Guide to Professional RSVP touches on:

  • The concept of RSVP and its origins
  • How RSVP etiquette made it to the rest of the world
  • The essential elements involved in setting up and managing the RSVP process
  • The types of events that require professional RSVP
  • The advantages of Event Management Software
  • Best practices for Email Invitations, Online Registration, Guest List Management, and more
  • Measuring Success and Return on Investment

The practical guide to professional RSVP eBook is every event organiser’s handy helper. Download your Practical Guide now, and if you would like a demo of The RSVP Agency’s software and service, contact us today.