Why large corporates need to outsource their online invitations solution

Large corporate events have a high volume of influential and important guests, which means that they require the utmost attention to detail. The stakes are high and dropping the ball on any aspect isn’t an option. Unlike smaller, intimate events, prominent corporate functions mean the reputation of the brand is at stake. It’s of pivotal importance that this process isn’t only streamlined, but professionally managed too.

Using a professional online invitations solution elevates your brand in the eyes of your clients.

Attempting to co-ordinate a large-scale corporate event that can either promote or detract from the all-important equity of your brand can be a risky endeavour. Guests attending an industry-leading brand’s event will demand professionalism from every single interaction they have with the company. By opting not to use a professional online invitations service, you’re putting the success of the event – and the reputation of your client, on the line. Ensure that your guests’ experience is a pleasant as possible – from the invitations and registration process to correspondence sent after the event.

While there are several other online invitations solutions on the market, they’re all limited in some way or another.

When tasked with planning an event for an influential client, you’ll need to ensure that every single aspect is given the attention it deserves. You’ll need a solution that enables you to streamline the process into one that will result in a function that makes the best impression possible – on your client as well as their guests. The RSVP Agency provides event companies with software that is continually updated in line with innovative technology and the changing requirements of event companies.

Ensuring ROI is your priority, but without the right guests, it’s unlikely that you’ll meet your targets.

The RSVP Agency’s Enterprise tool contains a “forward-on” invitation feature that can mean the difference between a function populated by potential clients, or individuals who’re only attending because of the open bar. Enticing the right people can be a difficult task, but by allowing your guests to invite their own networks, you’ll instantly up the chances of making an impression on the people who count. We’ve written a bespoke set of software that allows you to do just that. If you’re holding a conference for a group of brokers, for example, you’ll be able to send them their invite, and then give them the tools needed to invite clients of their own. Instead of merely forwarding on the invite, they’ll be able to create an invitation that’s specifically from them. A nifty feature if we do say so ourselves.

Establishing ROI relies on accurate reporting capabilities.

Without the use of a detailed reporting function that provides you with a clear picture of all aspects of an event, gauging the exact ROI of an event is reduced to a guessing game. If you want precise data about everything from the time invitations were opened, the time an RSVP was sent, as well as suggestions and comments from your guests, our Enterprise solution is an essential tool as we offer you access to the back end of our system so that you can view and extract all the crucial data you need.

Exclusive corporate events often require a highly-controlled setting.

Making sure that VIP guests are secure and assured of an event that’s safe from the prying eyes of the media or competitors can be a stressful job. It’s crucial that your company can convince brands that their guests will enjoy a discreet function without having to worry about interlopers.

We’re aware that this requirement is of absolute importance, which is why we’ve developed a QR code generator that guarantees everyone involved has peace of mind. The QR code is sent to your guests’ mobile devices and acts as their invitation.

Corporate functions often involve the sale and purchasing of tickets.

If you’re planning a charity gala dinner, for example, you’ll need to provide your guests with a secure and convenient way of buying their tickets. Ensure they’re not put off by a complicated process by making use of our “shop cart” online system. Like TicketWeb or Computicket, this feature provides companies with an online ticket portal that’s linked to your online invitations solution. If you’re after a streamlined, simplified payment method, our Enterprise solution has got you covered.

Besides the fact that The RSVP Agency’s online invitations software saves you time and guarantees the utmost in professionalism, our solution provides you with all the tools needed to plan and manage an event to the best of your ability – right down to every last detail.

Image Credit: brandingstrategyinsider