Why we love our online RSVP service, and why you should too.

You’ve heard of The RSVP Agency, but if you’re not completely familiar with what we do, here’s a brief recap. Founded in 2011, The RSVP Agency was formed after we noticed a huge lack of dedicated RSVP services providers. The software we’d used was limited, and the support we received lacked an understanding of the eventing arena as well as world class service and support.

The other online RSVP services we tried were too technical, and definitely not written with event managers in mind. Your guest management and RSVP process can either make or break and event – which is why we developed our own unique software system and set up a team of dedicated, experienced staff.

A potent combination of experience, passion and commitment to providing event managers with a superior service has seen us work with top South African and international brands (check out our top brands here). We love what we do, and we do it well. Here are our top reasons why we’re enamoured with The RSVP Agency:

We’ve carefully curated a team of experienced staff who are all driven by the same goal.

Namely, to provide every single one of our guests with the best service possible. We’re adept at assisting event planners with every step of the planning process. From designing your online invitations, to managing guest lists and providing you with professional hosting services on the day – our services are aimed at making your life easier.

We recently received this compliment: “I had the privilege of attending the Nedbank Marketing Summit and I was so impressed with the registration process. I was greeted at the entrance by a delightful hostess who instantly found my registration details on her iPad and checked me in. I had my name badge and cappuccino in seconds – Wow!”

Our online RSVP service provides you with invitations that are professionally designed, custom built, and well-received by guests.

We pride ourselves on creating invitations that are a perfect combination of your corporate branding and event theme. We take great care to ensure that they’re not just easy to use but are visually appealing too, in order to garner an optimum response rate.

Our invitations are written by professional copywriters, who carefully consider each word in order to encourage optimal engagement rates.

Our wealth of experience has taught us that invitation wording is crucial in order to garner a positive response rate. We take pride in crafting copy that’s true to your brand, easy to read, and most importantly, enticing. An invitation is your guests first touch point, which means it’s crucial that your copy positions the event as something that they’ll want to be a part of.

Reminding guests the day before an event is easy with our SMS reminder service.

In order to have a well-attended event, you can’t rely on your initial RSVPs alone. Being able to quickly and easily send out a reminder on the day of your event is imperative. Our online RSVP service simplifies and automates this process for you – saving you time to devote to making sure everything else is in order.

Our specially designed software provides you with pertinent information about your guests, in real time.

It’s crucial that you’re aware of changes as and when they happen. Our event management software informs you of changes to your guest list throughout the planning and registration stages. Event managers need to be one step ahead of everyone else – The RSVP Agency’s software lets you do just that.

We offer a fully-integrated event management service that’s constantly evolving in line with industry trends.

Our staff are well versed in working alongside event management teams, in order to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. We also provide on-site registration, streamlining and speeding up what can be a lengthy and tedious process.

Whether we’re working with a big corporate brand, a wedding or on a small, intimate event, we’re passionate about providing event managers with a service that surpasses their expectations.   Image Credit: Inspirational Daily

Image Credit: Inspirational Daily