How to make sure your guests RSVP “yes” to your email invitation

You might think that it’s only the most impeccably designed email invitations that get opened and that the number of guests at your event is directly proportional to how stunning your invitations are. But this isn’t the case. While layout and design contribute to how well invitees can see and garner information on your email invitation – the better your message is conveyed, the more likely your potential guests will RSVP “yes”.  There’s a lot more to creating successful online invitations – here’s what you need to know:

The secret to brilliant email invitations is personalisation and attention to detail

Before making a stunning email invitation, follow our ten commandments of personalised invitations. Being meticulous with how you address people, keep up to date with guest info and following up on invitees are just some of the rules you should never break. In addition, ensure that when designing your email invitation you make sure it doesn’t take too long to download and there are no spelling or grammar mistakes. Personalising each invite is key – making sure all the information about your guests is correct – and you’re targeting the right people with the relevant information. No-one will respond to, let alone open, an email invitation that’s completely irrelevant to them.

Use the power of emotions to get a positive reaction from your invitees

Your approach to making your email invitations as alluring as possible is just as important as their content. Emotions are extremely powerful and persuasive – use this to your advantage. When crafting your invites, think about how your guest will feel after opening it. By using data gathered by RSVP software, it’s a lot easier to do this as you already know a lot about each of your guests. If your guest dreams about being a serial entrepreneur, highlighting the fact that Warren Buffet is going to be keynote speaker at your event is sure to get a positive reaction.

Use personal information about your guests to create targeted USPs

While there are few companies who would be able to fly Warren Buffet out to South Africa, your event will have its own USP or unique selling point that can bring significant value to anyone attending. It’s essential that your email invitations convey this USP clearly and that this message seamlessly intertwines with your brand’s message, too. Make it as simple as possible for your guests to RSVP. Here lies also your opportunity to find out more about them by including a couple of questions about their food and drink preferences, for example. After several events you’ll have a reservoir of information about the hundreds of attendees from all your past functions.

With RSVP’s Guest Concierge Management Software, you can collect data, create email invitations and manage the whole RSVP process to create personalised events: the only events that can be truly successful. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make sure all your email invitations are responded to.

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