What master event marketers know about time management

Mastering time management is a crucial aspect of an event marketer’s job. A myriad of responsibilities, coupled with the task of ensuring that the event in question meets its objectives, mean that every single second of the working day counts. An event marketer’s job is no small feat; consider the fact that “a whopping 96 percent of consumers said that participating in an event made them more inclined to purchase a product or service they were interested in” (as reported by the Event Marketing Institute). In other words, effective and efficient event marketing is imperative if you want to turn your an event into a profitable, brand-boosting exercise. The event marketers who consistently pull a rabbit out of a hat, if you will, are those who’ve mastered their time management skills.

Without a firm handle on time management, the success of your entire event – and brand – hangs in the balance

Ensuring that your event marketing strategy is followed to the letter requires a military-esque approach to time management. In a typical day, you’ll have to manage social campaigns, liaise with your event planners and vendors, and ensure that the right people not only know about your event, but are eagerly counting down the days until they attend it.  It makes sense then, that successful, sought-after event marketers who pull off world-class events with aplomb, owe a large part of their success to their ability to manage their time well.

Time management tips abound – but not all of them are feasible when you’re working with tight deadlines and an all-important event looming on the horizon

Besides getting through your to-do list faster, one of the biggest benefits of skilful time management is the effect it has on your state of mind. Running around like a headless chicken isn’t conducive to anything; being able to approach every single project with the required focus is the only way to ensure that you’re putting your all into your event marketing efforts. We’ve published several blogs on time management tips to enable you to stay cool, calm and collected, including doing a time management audit, switching off any digital distractions and embracing smart event management tools.

Implementing effective event marketing on deadline isn’t a walk in the park. The good news is that it’s made that much easier thanks to the proliferation of event technology at your disposal

Today, event planners and marketers have a world of event apps and technology to pick from– all specifically built to make your efforts that much easier. As well as simplifying the process, event tech also aids in time management: a task that once took hours of manual management (the RSVP process, for one) can now be done in a fraction of the time. Because of this, expert event marketers embrace event technology – making their jobs simpler, more effective and less time consuming.

Your time management is only as effective as the tools you use – so choose these wisely

As we wrote in our soon-to-be released eBook, Event Technology 101, not all event technology is a necessity.  Importantly, your choice needs to be determined by your event objectives, any current event management tools you have, as well as the type of events you market and guests you need to market them to. Before investing in an event app or software that’s designed to achieve one part of the event marketing process (social sharing, or finding a vendor on demand, for example), make sure you’re equipped with the basics. In other words, choose event technology that’s able to assist you in the most laborious and time consuming tasks, before shelling out for a nice-to-have-but-not-a-necessity drone.

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Image Credit: geryldeer.com