Need to know: Using QR codes at events

Quick Response (QR) codes have boomed in the last decade. Although the technology was invented back in 1994 to keep track of car parts during the manufacture of vehicles in Japan, QR codes have had to bide their time before really taking off outside the car industry. The current climate of smartphones, apps and a hunger for automation has created the perfect environment for QR codes to flourish in. The events industry is a perfect example of where QR codes can be used to create the smoother running of events that give attendees a more personalised experience.

QR codes can perform a wide variety of functions – from displaying text to visiting a webpage

Next time you’re perusing the aisles of your local supermarket or walking down the street, look out for QR codes. It’s very likely that they’ll feature on a product item or poster advertising a concert. The idea behind them is simple: a two-dimensional barcode embedded with “instructions” is scanned by a reader – usually a QR reader app that uses your smartphone‘s camera. The instructions can be anything from “take me to this website or YourTube video”, “store this contact” or “send a text message to this person”. The beauty of the QR code is its rapidity and convenience. Rather than a concert organiser printing the words “visit our website to see what the band has been up to” and you having to type the URL into your browser, the QR code takes you straight there. The QR Code Generator website gives you an idea of the kinds of functions a QR code can perform.

QR codes improve the experience of your event for both the guest and the event planner

In the context of event planning, your guests are the ones who present the QR code to you, the event planner. Embedded in their QR code is anything you need to know about a particular guest. No longer will you need to rifle through reams of paper trying to find your guest’s name and information, as the queue grows longer and longer. You simply scan your guest’s QR code – provided to them in their invitation – and you’ll be able to find out who they are, where they’re sitting, their food preferences and other information that’s been collecting using Event Management Software. Armed with this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to treat your guests with just the right amount of familiarity: making each one of them feel like a VIP.

Streamline the security and access at your event with the help of QR codes

As mentioned above, QR codes make managing the entry and access process of your event a thousand times more convenient. As each guest is given a unique QR code with their invitation, you don’t have to worry about verifying guest identity, which will cut down on the size of the security crew you need to hire. Perhaps you have a specialised VIP or parking area that you want to control access to? If your event has multiple areas that only select guests can enter, a QR code will save you having to keep track of who is allowed entry where. Simply position a host with a QR reader at the entrance of each area – just make sure there’s WiFi at your event or you won’t be able to scan the QR code.

The first thing your guest sees of your event is at the door – make sure they’re not waiting in line for more than a minute

QR codes will also help minimise queue times, especially if there are more than fifty guests at your event – or they end up arriving all at once. You’ll be using your smartphone or iPad as the QR reader, so you can walk down the line scanning invitations and speed up the entry process. The first impressions of your event count for a lot: if guests don’t waste a minute getting into the venue, it’ll leave a lasting positive impression.

Our RSVP Event Management Software brings the offline experience together with the digital one

RSVP’s Event Management Software makes use of QR codes in our RSVP process. Our software lets you pool all the information you need and want to know about your guests, letting you plan an event which resonates with and delights them. Everything from their travel details to the event, where they’re staying and events they’ve attended in the past can be gathered, stored and programmed into individual QR codes. If you’d like to experience how to make use of QR codes at your next event, contact us for a free demonstration of our Event Management Software.

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